What is the need for jewellery insurance on your Engagement ring?

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Finally, the happy day had arrived when the love of your life proposed you. You have already started planning about how you will spend your entire life in bliss. But, wait a second before your dreams start galivanting towards happiness. Before you are planning on centrepieces, the flavour of the cake, band for your wedding and your off-the-rack dress, you need to approach the elephant in the room, and that is to take care of that beautiful diamond you just received.

The reasons why you need insurance for your jewellery is listed below. So, get ready to get insured.

Your friends want to put it on
Of course, your girlfriends are more than happy about the fact that you are about to tie the knot with the man you love. But, they will soon like to examine it and try it on. So, without any hesitation about damaging the glory of the diamond ring. Pass it on. Even if your clumsy, accident-prone and klutzy friend ends up doing any form of damage, you can get it fixed.

Fingers can change the size
Does it sound weird that your fingers are capable of changing their size? Yes, it depends on the weather, season, time of the day and temperature. Fingers tend to shrink in size in cold water whereas they expand when they come across hot or humid weather. That is why you will be covered even if it happens.

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Too much to take care of
Weddings are chaotic and messy until the last minute. You will be swamped with every kind of worry in the world. Starting with decoration, invitations, makeup, catering and so much more. You don’t need to something else to add on to it. Your expenses and the precious ring will be something that you won’t have to spare a thought about.

Feelings are involved
You’re soon to be husband spent hours of research on buying you the perfect ring. How would he accept the fact that you lost it or damaged it somehow? No reasons will be good enough for that. So, isn’t it better to take the insurance jewellery companies are offering to avoid any mishap and inconvenience? To prevent any undesirable situation, take the insurance.

Saves a lot of money
A ring costs a lot of money. In other words, it requires a fortune. Will you or your husband be able to buy another one with the blink of an eye again? We don’t think so. To save your money get insurance. They cost only two per cent of the price of your jewellery. This is nothing but a significant investment that will reap only benefits for you. Check out this website HotOZCoupons.com.au to get the best deals and offers on your engagement ring. At high prices, you will be able to have amazing pieces of jewellery.

Things to ask the insurance company before you get your engagement ring insured.
There are few must ask questions to keep in mind. Make sure you take care of it:
● Will your insurance cover for the ring if it is lost or stolen?
● Ask how will you pay for the ring. Whether it will be in cheque or will you be asked to buy another ring from a jeweller they have specified.
● How are they planning to document or pay you back if your jewellery was unique or a vintage piece?
● Is the whole amount of the ring covered or only a part of it?
● What documents or proof do you need to submit when you are claiming that you have lost the ring?
● Ask what causes or reasons are not covered by the insurance company?

Don’t make a mistake twice
Like, we mentioned it several times. An engagement ring has both sentimental and monetary values involved in it. It is a prized possession of yours, and you are going to cherish it forever. If you end up misplacing it once make sure the same doesn’t keep happening over and over again.

These are the few reasons you need to think about. Don’t make the mistake of not buying insurance for your engagement ring.

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