Australia is a country which is bordered by the Indian Ocean on its West and the South Pacific Ocean on its East. The country is actually an island with diverse variations of climates. Apart from the basics, what is interesting about Australia is their wide variety of coastal areas and tropical forests.


Travelling to Australia? Here are a few points which answer to what makes Australia a travel-worthy place:

The Great Barrier Reef –

One of the most popular places and one which should be on every traveller’s wishlist, The Great Barrier Reef is so large that it is even visible from outer space! It lies off the coast of Queensland, which is in Northeast Australia and it is spread across a distance of almost 2,300kms. This ecosystem is home to more than thousands of reefs and more than hundreds of islands. The Great Barrier Reef is hence home to exotic species of fish, turtles, dolphins, sharks etc. Missing out on this place might be a major regret in your later life.

Vineyards – 

If you are among the group of people who loves wine, then travelling Australia is a must for you. Australia holds the record for beautiful vineyards. These are located around the regions of Perth, the Barossa Valley (near Adelaide) and the Hunter Valley (near Sydney). Give your tastebuds a treat by visiting these vineyards and going on wine tasting tours. Try all the different kinds of wine Australia has to offer, and it will be an experience of a lifetime!

Tropical Forests –

Queensland which is in the North-eastern part of Australia is filled with forests as old as time and islands greener than you will find anywhere. It is also home to multiple parks which are all beautiful. One example is the Daintree National Park which constitutes of a wide stretch of jungle, hot springs and waterfalls. If you love to go on a hike and enjoy adventure, then you should visit this place on your next travel. Enjoy the greenery and the scenery and make bundles of memories.

Beaches – 

Australian beaches are more popular than the country itself. Australia is known for its innumerable beaches throughout the island. All the beaches are different from one another; the sheer variety is stunning. The quality is also impressive. Enjoy your days in the white sand and islands lined with palm trees, while you sip on your Australian special drink. Go for a swim in the crystal-clear waters. Go on and explore the many hidden coves lying around. The places are absolutely picture-worthy and while you are here, make it worthwhile for your Instagram! Also, the coastal stretch of Australia lies on the world’s top road trip routes. This is another fact which is of high interest for all the travellers. Go on a road trip along the Great Ocean Drive and enjoy the sweetness of the view.

Kangaroo Island – 

Kangaroos are the pride of Australia, so you cannot miss out on them while on a trip to Australia. Kangaroo Island is a sanctuary dedicated to all the wildlife present in Australia. Because of the wide stretch of land, the tropical forests, the coastal areas and the varying degrees of temperature, Australia is home to various species of wildlife. Kangaroo Island is a short plane or ferry journey from the Adelaide port in South Australia. The island has been protected from any predators for a long time, and it has become home to all the wildlife species ranging from kangaroos to koalas in the land and whales to dolphins in the water. It has become a natural habitat for them. You are always welcome to go and have playtime with the kangaroos and the baby koalas! Also, try using trips coupons to save a bit on your travel at Kangaroo Island.

Deserts –

We have been talking about all the beaches you can visit and the presence of tropical forests but let us not miss out on the deserts of Australia. The Australian Outback is surreal in its view, something which you will remember for years to come. The desert stretches out like a land of red bordered with white sand dunes. There come canyons at intervals where you can experience waterfalls and the Aboriginal drawings made on the cave walls. Come to the land of forest and water and get a combined experience of a desert road trip too. What more can you possibly ask for? Bonus tip: Get free 365 tickets coupon codes for savings on your next travel.

All these included there are also a lot of fun sports you can indulge in Australia. Go skiing or surfing. Experience the thrill of bungee jumping. The list continues. But all these things are very expensive. Try reducing your expenses by looking for flight coupon codes of Skyscanner. Choose your destination wisely while you are planning for your next travel, i.e., choose Australia!

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