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Hair Care Tips: The Expert’s Mantra

Take it from someone who has faced the hair loss battle and knows how upsetting it can be. It messes with our daily routine. Whether you’re just a newbie at facing these problems or a procrastinator at solving hair problems, hang in there! Needless to say, we all desire that velvety smooth hair, swaying at our back. I’m about to lay bare some easy-to-follow tips and tricks from the professionals. Read on to discover!

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Tip #01: Wash your hair in the appropriate way

You must be wondering why your hair feels amazingly silky after a trip to the salon. Do you ever notice why they put so much effort into cleansing your hair with all the fancy products? You should probably start wondering what you do wrong while taking a shower.

As pros advice, you should always oil your hair at least 1 hour before shampooing. Massaging virgin Coconut oil on your scalp and hair can do wonders. It will bring you one step closer to the silky, shiny hair that you have so often dreamt of. This conditions your hair and prevents the shampoo from washing off the natural oil from your hair. If you want to go for branded products, you can always check out Ziani Beauty Voucher Codes that gives you access to a lot of vital oils for curing hair problems.

If you’re using hot water to rinse your hair, you should stop immediately. Hot water can cause your hair to be frizzy, dry, and static. It even leads to split ends. It’s best to switch to lukewarm water, which is very mild on your cuticles and helps retain the hair moisture.

Tip #02: Refrain from washing your hair regularly

As tempting as it sounds to wash your hair regularly, the results aren’t pleasant at all. When you’re washing your hair day after day, you’re probably overusing your shampoo, which will lead to dehydrated and damaged hair. If you’ve got bleached or colored hair, then it’s a big no as well because it will speed up the process of fading. Dandruff is the last thing you want when you’re in a process to rejuvenate your hair.

Tip #03: Choose a shampoo that is perfect for your hair

Much like skincare, you also have to buy the right products for hair care. The shampoo is an integral part of your hair care routine, and thus, you have to get it right. Read on to find the right kind of shampoo for your hair.

If you have Hagrid's hair that is dry and frizzy, shampoos that thoroughly moisten and condition your hair are your best friends. Instead of going to the drugstore, keep your eye open for online deals and offers for cheap prices. Keep detoxifying cleanser shampoos at arm’s length.

If you have greasy hair that has no volume whatsoever, you have to remove that excess sebum, which makes your hair look greasy and sticky. So, opt-out for shampoos that don’t add extra moisture to your scalp. You need shampoos that don’t leave any residue. Also, spend extra time rinsing your hair to cleanse all the sebum.

You can use Ziani Beauty Discount Codes and get shampoos suitable for your hair type at affordable prices. You won’t regret it at all. Go grab it!

Tip #04: Resort to the natural ways of drying your hair

Resist yourself from blow-drying your tresses. It takes away the natural lustre from your hair. Firstly, wrap your dripping wet hair in a microfiber towel and gently tap your hair for as long as you can. Do not squeeze too hard, or it will lead to breakage. Let air dry your hair or better, sit under the sun for 10 to 15 minutes.

If you’re behind schedule and you have absolutely no other option but to blow-dry your hair, then choose this alternative. Apply some leave-in conditioner and then use the blow-drier. This method prevents hair damage due to heat.

Tip #05: Comb your hair properly

We all know combing through wet, tangled hair is painful. It’s a really bad idea. Experts suggest the usage of a wide-toothed hair brush having blunt tips. These brushes are mild on your scalp, and unlike other brushes, they do not give a sharp tug to untangle your tresses.

Also, do your hair a favour and stop untangling from the roots of your hair. The painless way to proceed is to start from the hair ends and slowly move upwards. You can have tangle-free hair without making a huge mess out of it.

Tip #06: Shield your hair from the UV rays of the sun and pollutants

Every time you cross the threshold of your house, your hair is subjected to the harmful rays of the sun and there are dirt, dust and sweat clinging to your hair. Hence, your hair needs protection.

Similarly to your skin, your hair needs sunscreen too. Remember, it’s all about the scalp. If your scalp is damaged due to the UV rays, you cannot maintain healthy, shiny hair. Thus, you cannot afford to let your hair go unprotected. You can check out discount codes in various beauty sales online and invest in a good hair sunscreen and apply it diligently.

Moreover, you can shop a pretty hat or a unique scarf that will protect your hair and increase your aesthetic appeal at the same time.

We have all faced how troublesome it is to let your hair loose while you are outside. Tangles and dishevelled hair are the worst enemies when you’re trying to look presentable. Hence, tying up your hair in a bun is very crucial when you’re going out. It’s the best way to protect your hair from the sun and the wind.

Tip #07: Take care of your hair before going to bed

We all know how strong the gravity of a bed is after a long day. Frankly, it takes hard work and good maintenance to keep long, healthy hair. So, you have to push yourself and go that extra mile to take care of your hair.

  • Do not at any cost forget to brush your hair before going to bed. It will just take a few minutes to untangle.
  • Loosely tie your hair with a loose elastic band. Damage is caused to your hair when it’s tightly tied by some metal piece clawing into your scalp.
  • Invest in a silk pillowcase as they are more hair-friendly and will prevent the damage caused due to friction at cotton pillows. You can avail of the promo codes at an online marketplace, but if you’re a thrifty buyer, you can wrap your hair in a silk scarf.
  • You cannot retain any moisturizing mask at day due to constant sweating or exposure to wind and pollutants. It’s bound to wear off. It makes the night-time the best time to apply hair masks and moisten your hair.

Tip #08: Snip off your split ends regularly

Stop skipping salon appointments. Stop believing the no hair-cut myth. The reason your hair doesn’t grow well is because of your scalp health. Longer hair means a healthy scalp. Split ends will make your hair look out of proportion and will stick out. It can also give your hair a coarser look and feel.

Tip #09: Ditch the hair styling tools

We all know who the culprit is – the heat. It’s the worst possible thing you could subject your hair to. It’s unfortunate that we often go for short term goals rather than thinking about a long, sustainable result. We want us to be perfect from head to toe every single day, but do we ever wonder how this affects our hair.

Believe me; it begins to show just after some days. It’s important to know when to stop. Always go for a straightener whose heat setting can be adjusted and make sure to keep it either on low or middle. Online shopping websites offer huge discounts. So, you can get an envy-worthy hairstyle without worrying about the price.

Tip #10: The chemical-free way to cure damaged hair

You saw it right. It’s possible to go completely chemical-free while treating your hair. Firstly, you must etch it in your mind that the hair follicles in your scalp are the only living part. The rest of your hair is dead. So, treating your hair should mean treating your scalp.

  • Tea Tree Oil
    • Have you ever had those annoying scalp bumps or acne? Knowing the natural cure will certainly help you keep those sudden break-outs at bay. Now, tea tree oil comes from a small tree native to Australia. Thus, it’s an imported product.

      Moreover, the shampoo and soap industry has taken its game to a higher notch with the medicinal uses of tea tree oil. You can apply it on your scalp if you have an itchy scalp or a dry scalp. Our scalps are vulnerable to fungal diseases. Tea tree oil proves helpful in casting away such infections and relieving us of the itchiness and irritability. It opens the hair follicles and also helps them breathe.

  • Apple Cider Vinegar
    • Dandruff problems are the worst. Especially, the constant itchiness gives you red patchy areas on your scalp. These inflamed areas now disturb your scalp health, leading to almost no hair regrowth. Malic acid, a component present in Apple Cider Vinegar, helps in maintaining the pH balance of the itchy scalp.

      Who wouldn’t want such an effective but natural remedy for exfoliating all the oily secretion and dirt on your scalp? Don’t procrastinate. Make use of that Apple cider Vinegar that’s sitting idle in your kitchen closet.

  • Baking Soda
    • Instead of investing in so many commercial shampoo products, you can make DIY baking soda shampoo. Your scalp will be grateful to you. Baking soda is a superb cleaning agent. Expect great results! Don’t use baking soda directly on your scalp. Mix it with 3 to 4 tablespoons of water and shake it. You’re all ready to make use of it for getting a clean, infection-free scalp.

    Tip #11: Be aware of what you eat

    We have all heard our mothers constantly nagging about eating healthy. They say outer beauty depends on how harmonious your inner digestive system is. Guess what?

    They’re right! Stop grabbing ready-made packed food from the supermarket and cook some real veggies and meat.

    • Your body needs leafy green vegetables for nourishment. Everyone knows how an unhealthy diet can mess up your digestive system, and that reflects in your skin and your hair.
    • You have to realize that your hair follicles consist of protein. So, you need a proteinaceous diet. Eggs are the ultimate solution to this. Biotin is crucial for hair as it helps in producing keratin. The keratin treatment that you so often hear of can be easily avoided if you include eggs in your diet.
    • If your diet doesn’t consist of delicious avocados, then you’re missing the fun. It is a yummy source of Vitamin E, and vital fatty acids that are just going to fill your mouth with delight.
    • The nutritious nut is the key to a lustrous and gorgeous mane that you’re ready to be proud of. Rich with Vitamins E and B along with zinc and fatty acids, nuts are the best snack that you could ever have.

    Tip #12: More water intake

    This has been the golden rule since time immemorial. A well-hydrated scalp means both internal and external hydration. So, if you’re using hydrating shampoos and masks, make sure to drink at least 3 litres of water in a day.

    Concluding thoughts

    There are myriad causes due to which scalp problems may occur. Experts suggest us start relying on scientifically proven methods to treat your hair. Your hair can define your personality. You don’t need to spend your fortune every time you’re buying some shampoo or hair mask that you will occasionally use. Bid adieu to hair problems with the above given inexpensive and easy-to-use hair care hacks.

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