How To Effectively Use A Lubricant?



If you find the thought of using lube horrifying or something that is used by elderly couples, then you will be surprised by how effective it can prove to be. Every sexual encounter can prove to be a memorable one if you make the most of lubricant. Yes, every single one. It is with the use of lube that sex can be more pleasurable and comfortable. This is applicable to both the partners. A lubricant will prove to be the key to magic moments and also ensure that sex proves to be more creative.

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There Should Be No Sugar, Parabens, or Glycerine:

If you are choosing to buy lubricant from a pharmacy, then there is a high chance that it will be brimming with cheap components like glycerine. This is what gives lubricant the slide-y feel. You can experience different reactions to this. From bacterial infections to yeast, everything can be a possibility. Lubes with sugar can also cause a yeast infection. Try to stay away from the scented ones as well.

Tube with Transparent Gel

Best Suited For Fingering And Hand Jobs:

It can seem pretty frustrating to use your spit for hand jobs or fingering. Trust us when we tell you that lubricants can make the task pleasurable for both. Every moment is bound to feel heavenly, and it opens the rooms for something more. Wild secret promo code will ensure you get your hands on the best lubricant at attractive prices. Isn’t that awesome?

What’s The Occasion?

A wide variety of lubricants that are available today are water-based. From helping to clean up easily and coming in different formulas and textures – they can prove to be incredible. You can also use them with condoms and sex toys. However, if you wish for something that will last longer, then choose silicone-based lubes.

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Lubricants are not a leave it or take it option. It will only enhance your sexual pleasure.

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