Which Rice Cooker Should I Buy?

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Rice cooker is an essential and useful invention for people who eat or prepares rice often. Their kitchen cookware lineup is not complete without a rice cooker. This specially designed appliance brings out the texture and flavour of the rice without making it too mushy or tough. It just simplifies your cooking preparation and saves lots of time. The automatic stop feature also allows you to do other work without worrying about your rice.

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  1. Made from stainless steel
  2. Non-stick
  3. Both cook and warm function
  4. Water level indicator
  5. LED display
  6. Flexible timer
  7. Multipurpose


  1. Panasonic Rice cooker: The Panasonic Rice cooker is the best in class rice cooker available in the market. Its 10 cup capacity helps you cook enough rice for your entire family or guest. The automatic temperature control technology can adjust the temperature and cooking according to the need of your rice and other ingredients. The super-smooth touch buttons make your work easy and hassle-free.
  1. Sunbeam Rice Cooker: The Sunbeam rice cooker is a perfect rice cooker, which has a removable basket for your convenience. It is made of stainless steel. It is also a multipurpose cooker, which means you can also boil vegetables or eggs in it.
  1. Russell Hobbs Rice Cooker: Russell Hobbs rice cooker will serve you the perfect cooked rice every time. It comes with a dishwasher safe bowl, a spoon and a measuring cup. The removable bowl makes it easy to clean. It has a 10-cup capacity.

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The primary intention of this guide is to give you an idea about rice cooker and its importance. If you want to know more about rice cooker and go through more products, visit “The Good Guys,” online store.

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