Which Mixer Should I Buy?

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When it comes to baking, having the right appliances and equipment are equally important. Sometimes it becomes hard to decide which appliance you should have or purchase to fulfil your specific needs. A similar problem arises while buying a mixer. We often get confused about which one to buy a hand mixer or a stand mixer. Both the appliances are used to whip cream, egg, butter, dough, etc. but they are not interchangeable.

Here is an exploration of both hand mixer and stand mixer, which will help you decide which one is best for you.

Hand Mixer

A hand mixer is basically a modern or electric version of an eggbeater mixer, which comes with a motor. The motor helps to move the beaters automatically with a press of a button. These are best for a light-duty task like whipping cream, butter, egg, etc. If you bake occasionally and have short space, then hand mixer is great to take the hassle out of baking.

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  1. Less expensive
  2. Easily portable
  3. Easy to use and maintain
  4. Takes less space


  1. Not for heavy-duty work
  2. If not used properly, it can splash what you are mixing

Stand Mixer

The stand mixer is also a modern version of a beater, but with a heavy-duty motor than a hand mixer. It also has a mounting base for a bowl, which is designed to lock in place while mixing. It is capable of doing everything a hand mixer does, but it can also do other heavier mixing job.


  1. The bowl lock feature avoids splashing
  2. Heavy-duty work
  3. No need to hold the Mixer while mixing
  4. Quicker
  5. Comes with automatic stop feature.


  1. Difficulty in cleaning
  2. More expensive
  3. Heavy
  4. Takes more space

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Purchase according to your need. If you mostly do less heavy-duty work in your kitchen, then you should buy a hand mixer, and if you are a keen baker or want a multi-tasking appliance, a stand mixer is your best bet. To get the best price on hand mixer or stand Mixer you can buy it from The Good Guys. You need to use the good guys coupon code to get great discounts on any product.

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