Which Juicer Should I Buy?

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Drinking homemade juice has several health benefits. It is considered to be a great habit of starting your day. It is a great way to incorporate vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and enzymes into your body. But before that, you will need a good juicer in your kitchen to make your favourite juices whenever you want.

However, buying a juicer can be quite an investment, and it is best to have all the information before buying one. You can also visit “The Good Guys,” an online home appliances store, where you will find the best quality juicer. Remember to use “the good guys promo code” to get exciting offers and discounts.the good guy coupons for cold press juicer


There are mainly two types of juicer. The masticating juicer, which process juice in a slower fashion, by pressing the juice out and the centrifugal juicer, which uses the spin and faster method.

Features of Masticating Juicer

  1. Relatively quiet
  2. Easier to use
  3. Juice green vegetables
  4. Longer warranties

Features of Centrifugal Juicer

  1. Quicker
  2. Often have wide feed chutes
  3. Dishwasher safe parts
  4. Larger juice jugs and pulp containers


  1. Breville Slow Juicer: The Breville Slow Juicer is equipped with a 240-watt motor that can juice countless servings. It is a masticating juicer with wide food chute.
  1. Sunbeam Double Sieve Juicer: It is a 1000-watt juicer with double sieve technology, which means you will get extra juice from your fruits. It is different speed settings to do all kind of work. It is a 1litre juice jug and 2litre pulp jug, so you can juice longer without stopping.
  1. Russell Hobbs Slow Juicer: The Russell Hobbs slow juicer has a 150-watt electric motor, and it has a stainless-steel finish. It squeezes juice slowly without losing its nutrients. It has a capacity of 1litre.

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It is quite convenient when you have your personal juicer right on your countertop. You can easily boost your energy level, support the immune system and maintain a healthy lifestyle without investing much.

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