Which Blender Should I Buy?

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Blenders are one of the most sold kitchen appliances all over the world. A blender makes any food preparation more efficient, saving lots of time in the kitchen. It is a very useful and versatile product, and many people rely on their blender so much that they would be lost without one. However, buying a blender can some time be daunting because of its various options available in the market.

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Types of blender

  1. High performance: It is a powerful all in one blender. It is mostly used to do heavy-duty work.
  2. Hand blender: It is a cylindrical blender with exposed blades, which is submerged into the food or drinks to blend.
  3. Personal: It is a compact blender made for people who like to drink their smoothies or power shake on the go. It makes blending quick and easy.
  4. Conventional: It is an affordable model best for low intensity blending task.

Features to consider

  1. Power: Find a blender from 300 to 1000-watt power for your kitchen. For mixing and whipping, your smoothie 300-watt power is sufficient, but for crushing ice, you will need at least 500-watt power.
  1. Blades: The blades of the blender should be made of stainless steel for better performance and longevity.
  1. Controls: The controls must be easy to use. Some touchpads controls are easy to clean, but they can be difficult to operate.
  1. Speed: Blender with stronger motor works faster and produces finer results. It also finishes the job faster.

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If you are searching for an all in one blender for your kitchen, then a high-performance blender will be the right choice, and if you need something affordable, then you can go for a conventional blender. You can also buy a personal blender if you want a quick and easy to use a blender for your smoothies and shakes.

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