Tips For Buying The Best Cot For Your Baby

For every new parent, one of the first things to buy for their baby is a cot. One needs to make sure that the cot is pretty and goes with the nursery, as well as it is safe and sturdy. Every cot should have a cot mattress and a blanket. One can buy these blankets from Myer as they have a vast collection. Also, Myer coupon code can be used to redeem amazing discounts. 

What to keep in mind while buying a cot?

There are certain aspects that one should keep in mind while buying the cot for their baby. Some of them are discussed below.

· Make sure that the cot is deep enough for your child. The cot you choose should be certified under the Australian safety standard AS/NZS, 2172. Having the right depth will make sure that your child does not climb or fall off the cot. 

· The bar distance or small openings should not be 3cm to 5cm wide, or there is a chance that the baby’s limb will get stuck. It should not also be too tiny such as 12mm, which will make their fingers get stuck. 

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· It is essential to buy a firm mattress as soft mattresses have the possibility of suffocating your child. Also, make sure that there is no more than 2cm gap on each side when the mattress is placed in the centre. There is a possibility of the baby rolling and suffocate on the gaps.

· The size of the cot should be measured correctly. There are many points to keep in mind, such as if it will fit the nursery if there will be space for a changing table, will it be too heavy if it needs to be lifted, and so on.

· Try to buy a cot that has teething strips that the baby can chew. This will keep the baby safe and the wooden cot from getting damaged.

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