Six Easy Yet Efficient Ways To Decorate A Small Living Room

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The term “living room” can be interpreted in many ways. Some might consider it a place where they can watch the telly and play with their children while others might want to screen movies or hang out with their friends. And there’s the other lot who simply wants to take a nap in their living room. This versatility expected out of a living room can be quite tricky, especially when it’s sized small. The difficulty arises in accommodating all these functionalities in a small area.

Six simple ways of decoration for small rooms

The catch is in finding the right mix of style and functionality while decorating your small living room. Read on and learn about the six easy decorative ideas to achieve the same.

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1. The appropriate area of the rug

Ensuring that the rug is perfectly sized for the room is the first step towards decorating the floor of your living room. By placing the legs of all the furniture on the edges of the rug will create an illusion of enlarging the space.

2. Hang things on the wall if your floor space is limited

In case of the limited floor, spacing opts for sconce instead of a floor lamp, try wall hooks instead of a coat rack, use a mail and key holder mounted on the wall instead of a tray. Summing things up, hanging stuff on the wall saves you a lot of floor space.

3. Get space creative

Think about concepts like bookshelves, storage spaces inside furniture, and concealed storage for electronics and wirings. You can find great deals for such items using the Myer promo code.

4. Avoid bulky furniture

Slimmer furniture will save you a lot of space and make the room look more prominent compared to bulky chairs and sofas.

5. Use visually light furniture

Use the Myer promo code and buy yourself a glass coffee table or a side table that is brighter to the eyes and can give a sense of spaciousness to your living room.

6. Think minimal

Minimalism is currently in trend, and it’s the only way to go if you are cut short of space in your living room.

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