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Enjoy $10 Off On All Orders @ Motoquipe

  • September 9, 2020
  • Ends December 26, 2020
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Get $10 Off On Your First Order @ Motoquipe

  • September 9, 2020
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40% Off – Car Audio

  • October 12, 2019
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Car sounds more like a luxury to us especially when we work very hard to afford it, and when we do, we ought to take excellent care of it. Some people fail to understand the need to protect your car which isn’t just about a thing or two. There are accessories available only designed for cars and motor vehicles which one must buy to keep their moving assets up to date.

Motoquipe is one such Australian company which has been the number 1 custom fitting car accessories store online. It has everything that a vehicle needs, all of which are available at the best prices. Every product on their site has got Google Customer Reviews, so there is no point in debating whether buying it will be worth it or not because it is going to be worth it.

Motoquipe Coupon codes at HotOz

  • Canvas Seat Covers Ford Ranger PX MKII Dual Cab:
    These Seat Covers come with a certificate for insurance and also have deployed safe stitching for the integrated airbags on the side. The seat covers have been made from heavy duty and are waterproof as well. Being waterproof, it also has this slip-resistant feature no matter how harsh the weather condition is. This charcoal coloured Car Seat ensures maximum protection to the original car seats so, you don’t have to think any further on why this is one of the best sellers.
  • Custom Moulded Boot Liner Suits Nissan X-Trail T32 5 Door 3/2015-On Cargo Mat:
    This car mat undoubtedly a must-have because apart from what it can do to protect the car interiors, it has been made of environmental protection materials, so you are going green by using it. It allows no leakage, all thanks to the dished design and waterproof feature. Also, it is because of the raised sides that the interiors are covered against all the dirt as well as liquid. This Custom Moulded Cargo Mat is resistant to temperature so; you don’t have to worry about it getting damaged in times of harsh climatic condition. And, guess what? You can buy this at a significant discount of 37% off on Motoquipe, so hurry up.
  • Prestige Motorcycle Bike Cover 100% Waterproof Large MCP1500:
    This one has been one of the most efficient motorcycle covers in the market for a long time and why not? It has all the qualities that somebody would look forward to at the time of purchase. The Prestige Motorcycle cover has been made of advanced fabric technology which has a four-layer composite system to allow condensation and moisture to flow out. It doesn’t allow liquid to damage the material because it is water resistant so, never allows water penetration during downpours as well. The best part is its size which is large, so you can use it to cover your large sports bikes and cruises.
  • 12V/24V APL54 5.4a 3 Port USB Charger APL54:
    Mobile phones in the recent times have become our only companion and why not when they have so much for us to do. When you are driving for hours, you might need your mobile phone to make important calls or play some music, and suddenly you see that your phone’s battery is low. What do you do? Nothing right? But with the right mobile accessory from the right store like Motoquipe you can buy this 3 Port USB Charger with an input voltage of DC 10-28.5V to charge your android or apple devices anytime the need be.
  • Car Covers:
    When you buy a car no matter how clean and closed your garage is you must buy a car cover. They protect your cars from dirt, and when it has been parked under an open roof, it surely protects your car from various other damages. At Motoquipe, you can find all sorts of Car Covers for all types of car. Right from a size of a small/medium to a size of Large/XL, and then some covers are car specific too such as Station Wagon or Small Hatch. There are car covers which are resistant to all kinds of climatic conditions and then there are some which are all about waterproofing. It is always a better idea to invest in car covers especially when you have invested so much to avail a luxury like owning a car.
  • Sun Shades:
    A car without a sun-shade option is a bit too harsh for the one who is going to drive and also for the one who is going to occupy the front seat. Alright, we understand you can wear shades but what about your face which is not able to adjust to the heat that falls on it. One must always install a cool Sun Shade on their car even though every car has this front shade available. At Motoquipe, you can buy Front Shades, Steering Wheel Shades, Rear Shades, Side and Tint Shades so you have precautions ready for every place that might not need so much of light instead less light and peace.

Top Deals

  • Free Shipping:
    This sounds more of a deal because at times we have to pay so much for getting a product shipped to our place other than its normal price. Motoquipe has this amazing deal of providing free shipping on every purchase with an order value above $50.
  • Gift Vouchers:
    Motoquipe has this gift vouchers section on their website where from you can purchase a gift voucher ranging from $50 to $500 and send it to your loved one’s email address. The best part is that these vouchers have no expiry date so happy shopping.
  • Afterpay:
    There are this afterpay and zipPay facility through which you can own whatever you want and pay for it later as per your convenience. So, now you don’t have to worry about owning a product you need on an urgent basis when you don’t have the money.

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Motoquipe Frequently Asked Questions

Which are the trending Motoquipe coupon codes?

The trending coupon codes on Motoquipe are 43% off on seat covers, 40% off on car audio, 33% off on sun shades, 20% off on bonnet protectors and 28% off on dash mats.

Does Motoquipe give free delivery in Perth?

Yes, Motoquipe offers free delivery on all orders above $50 in Perth as well as all cities all over Australia.

Are there any active promotions for Motoquipe?

Yes, HotOzCoupons offers several active promotions for Motoquipe such as 43% off on seat covers, 20% off on bonnet protectors and 40% off on car audio.

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