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12% Off New Customer at Modibodi

  • May 23, 2021
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Get 15% Off Orders Above $100 For Existing Customer at Modibodi

  • May 23, 2021
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Take 10% Off On Orders Over $60 At Modibodi

  • May 23, 2021
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Modibodi - Please your senses with the best Product


One of the most significant positive changes in the last decade is the movement to make women’s health more openly talked about. While something as natural as menstruation was always talked about behind closed doors and in hushed tones, it is essential to normalize the feminine bodily processes to talk about the lack of options for women when it comes to personal hygiene products. Modibodi is a fantastic brand that was created by a woman willing to create opportunities for women that are functional and beautiful at the same time.

With their use of the latest technology in textiles, these products push the boundaries of whatever we have come to know about our underwear and give us options that are innovative and push boundaries to make it a truly inclusive experience by offering options that suit people of all ages, shapes and sizes. By making whatever is deemed “unmentionable”, a topic of discussion, Modibodi truly celebrates women’s bodies

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  • Underpants-

    As a woman, it is essential to focus on your menstrual health. Modibodi underwear comes with fantastic quality fabrics that are the latest in the industry. Using material like bamboo, microfibre and merino perform wool, they are breathable and antimicrobial and come with an almost undetectable, 3mm lining that is leak proof and stain resistant. They combat odour and wick away moisture to prevent sweating. They are made with keeping comfort and style in mind to help women feel confident during the days where hormones are high. With different styles like a bikini, boy shorts, high-waist styles, contouring briefs, activewear designs and different levels of absorbancy, they can cater to your different needs.

  • Maternity-

    The period of maternity is a time when your body undergoes a world of changes. As your body adapts to creating a human, there will be a lot of changes in your body and your undergarment needs will change. Modibodi’s maternity brief accommodates the baby bump comfortably and wicks away moisture to keep you dry. The singlet reduces needs for disposable breast pads and can help you feed your baby without worrying about leakage. The singlet is super comfortable and convenient to use and is easy to wash. With a wide range of size options, you can find one for every shape and size.

  • Swimwear-

    Modibodi has revolutionized the world of swimwear with their innovative, water repellant and leak-proof swimwear designs that enable you to prevent missing out on your favourite activity or a beach vacation just because you are on your period. They have a great selection of sizes that can help you find your size pretty quickly and are perfect for low-moderate days of your periods. In the classic black monokini design, you can go wrong with this swimwear design. The cut is super flattering on almost all body types and can help you be confident on the beach and get in the water without any worries.

  • Bundle Packs-

    If you want to get more of your favourite pair of underwear, the bundle packs are a fantastic way to save some money and get all the different pairs you may need for your entire menstrual cycle. They offer bundle packs of 5 or 7 as per your needs. They also provide options for maternity wear. You can also find packages that come bundled with menstrual cups as well.

  • Teenwear-

    Your teenage is the time when your periods will start, between the ages of 10-14. If you have just got your period, it can seem daunting to use some of the products available in the market, or they may ruin the look of your clothing. One of the best ways to ensure that you stay leak free and get all the benefits of the traditional period product but in a simple and easy to use form, as underwear is to pick a pair of Modibodi panties. You can choose either the bikini or the boyshort style and select from multiple colour options.

Top Deals

With the reduction in the need for single use, disposable period items, Modibodi can help you save quite some money in the long run apart from all the different perks it offers. If you are still worried about the price, Modibodi periodically offers an amazing range of options in their clearance section where they display items on sale. You can also find quite a variety of different third-party coupons that can help you further save some money on your purchases. You can also avail free shipping on offers above AUD 120 if you purchase domestically. They also have a 30-day return policy that is risk-free to enable you to try Modibodi garments before buying.

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Modibodi Frequently Asked Questions

How can I avail extra discount at Modibodi?

You can avail extra discounts at Modibodi by checking out the trending vouchers available at HotOzCoupons. Just use them while shopping for your orders.

Does Modibodi provide free delivery in Brisbane?

Modibodi offers free shipping on all orders above $100 in all cities of Australia including Brisbane.

How do I get working codes for Modibodi?

You can get working codes for Modibodi by checking out the list of available coupons on HotOzCoupons. All the codes have been verified and can be redeemed.

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