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JD Lighting
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Frenzy Sale – 15% Off Sitewide at JD Lighting

  • May 21, 2021
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JD Lighting
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$15 Discount When You Spend Over $300 at JD Lighting

  • May 21, 2021
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JD Lighting
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Extra 20% Off A Range of Heating Products at JD Lighting

  • May 21, 2021
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JD Lighting


JD Lighting is Australia’s biggest hub for electrical devices and appliances where you can get the best of products and deals. Out of a considerable lot of commendable products, you can find various types of lights, fans, heaters, circuit breakers, globes, isolators, LED drivers, sensors, and more. And the variation is not only restricted to the categories.

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Amongst each category, you get several options as well. Among the lights, you get security lights, bunker lights, outdoor wall lights, garage & shed lights, garden lights, LED downlights, Gimbal downlights, chandeliers, and more. The picture is the same for fans too. In fans, you have the option to choose from a wide range that includes ceiling fans with or without lights, exhaust fans, ceiling fans with remote control, smart ceiling fans, etc. Besides, you get fan accessories as well.

So, here are some of the best and highly demanding products from JD Lighting along with some fantastic deals and offers that will surely help you make some extra savings.

  • Apollo GT2 LED Weatherproof Gimble Downlight-

    This spectacular downlight is specially designed to offer a one-stop solution for wet areas and outdoor applications through its enhanced silicon and moisture protection. It possesses an adjustable deep set frame and optical lens diffuser in a gorgeous satin white finish. It gives the light from high-quality CREE LED chips with a perfect 60-degree optical reflector. Besides, it also bears a fully dimmable LED driver and flex & plug. It possesses an aluminium frame and heatsink and has a rated lifespan of 50,000 hours.

  • Brilliant Bahama Ceiling Fan With Remote Control-

    The Bahama DC ABS Ceiling fan from Brilliant is truly an innovation in itself. It is crafted with a metal motor and canopy having ABS blades. It is backed by a heavy-duty 32W DC motor that pushes 3xABS edges with a blade pitch of 40 degrees. This fan is best for indoor areas or underground outdoor spaces where there is no or minimal exposure to weather. The best thing about this Bahama fan is its remote control that has a 5-speed functionality and a reverse function for summer/winter operation of the fan. It provides various colour options like All White, All Black, White with Ash blades, and Charcoal with Maple blades.

  • Brilliant Smart Colour LED-

    The Brilliant Smart Colour LED Globe is a wi-fi-enabled smart device that lets you boost your creativity to another level with up to 14 million RGB colours and a default 3000K warm white colour. It is the ideal pick for your home or office space and is also quite affordable. It works well with leading voice and smart home platforms like Alexa, Google Assistant and more. You can use this intelligent globe to automate your day with the help of timers. Moreover, you can also schedule the turning on and off of your appliances at specific times. You can control your Wi-fi globe from anywhere at any time individually or as a group using the free BrilliantSmart App.

  • 32A Residual Circuit Breaker-

    This Residual Circuit Breaker with Overload Protection protects you from earth faults or leakage currents, overloads, and short-circuiting. With a short circuit capacity rating of 6kA, this device is the ideal one for both residential as well as commercial purposes. It has a C-type, 30mA type AC residual tripping current and is suitable for DIN rail mounting in flush or surface mounted switchboards and enclosures.

  • LifeSaver Photoelectric Smoke Alarm-

    The PSA LifeSaver Series 2 Model LIF5800RL is an excellent smoke detector powered by a 240VAC mains powered smoke alarm having a 9VDC power backup. It has a photoelectric sensing technology that detects visible particles faster than ionization alarms. Besides, it also uses a quick slide base plate design that is user-friendly and easy to install. It is also compatible with the series one models. It bears an insect screen around its sensing chamber to prevent unwanted or false alarms.

    The alarm is also sensitive to slow smouldering and other types of fires. It possesses a first to alarm memory feature for an enhanced experience. You can operate it as a single unit or an interconnected one up to 24 units in a system. It also features a low battery warning delay function that silences the low battery beeping for up to 8 hours, giving you ample time to change your battery. It features a hinge-less surface-mount base plate and extra-large cable terminals for convenient use and installation. Its 4th terminal allows easy operation with a fire indicator panel as part of an early warning system which is extremely helpful in emergency cases. The device is compatible with the remote tests or hush plates and also with LIFWMB wireless interconnecting base.

Top Deals from JD Lighting

JD Lighting is offering some of the best deals this season that include the following:

  1. Extra 10% Off On Hawk Fans - JD Lighting brings you the most important deal on Hawk fans where you can avail extra 10% off.

  2. Lighting Warehouse Clearance Sale - At JD Lighting, you can also enjoy Australia’s biggest lighting warehouse sale. Here you can get up to 90% off on ceiling fans, LED downlights, Pendant lights, Outdoor lights, Lamps, Furniture, Giftware, and lots more.

So, embrace JD Lighting and explore a world full of lights, joy, and convenience at your doorsteps.

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  • Paste the code on the JD Lighting website order summary page in the designated region. Your total bill will get reduced dramatically.
  • You will be very happy to get such discounts. Fill in all the other details and place the order.
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Shoppers Guide

JD Lighting Promo codes at HotOZCoupons

Make Your House Modern Like You With JD Lighting

Be it your office, home, outdoor garden, or terrace; pendant lights are a tool to arouse emotions in any space. JD Lighting provides an unmatched collection of designer and decorative lights at a cost-effective range. The products that you find here are all authentic designs from some of the renowned brands. Moreover, you can use the JD Lighting promo code to get products at pocket-friendly prices.

Many of the most acceptable smart lighting items comprise features of motion detection. Depending on whether someone is in your room or not, these bulbs turn on or off. You can use this feature of smart and security lights to send alerts to mobile devices whenever unexpected motion is detected. JD Lighting takes pride in offering the best collection online of modern lighting, ceiling fans, and iconic home decorative accents.

Ceiling fans are an excellent choice for enhancing room comfort while at the same time producing cost and energy savings. To get the amount of cooling you desire, you should contact the correct ceiling fan for your home. Consider purchasing a ceiling fan by using the JD Lighting coupon code and enjoying the energy and cost-savings benefits.

Outdoor wall lighting collection will help you put things into the right perspective and save high energy. Smart lights are as pleasurable as they are functional. You can change color according to your preference and taste or modify a room's mood with settings ranging from bright and useful to relaxing. It's natural if you forget to turn off the light while leaving. With an installation of smart light in your home, you can turn them off even after leaving. You can use a phone app to turn off lights remotely to burn high energy when no one is on the sites.

There is a wide variety of smart lighting, including both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-enabled bulbs. Which type of light is perfect for you depends on your smart home hub, needs, and will to make modifications. For some ideas, red offers energizing properties, green is ideal for relaxation, and blue works well to set a relaxed mood. Without compromising on style, save up on money with exclusive offers and discount prices at JD Lighting.

Be Unique With Portable Fans

A combination of excellent performance plus convenience, a portable fan, is an ideal choice for summers. The portability factor of such fans provides efficient comfort to relocate it anywhere you want. As one of the go-to-home décor and online lighting stores in Australia, JD Lighting feels proud to offer top-class lighting and portable fans. The styles range from contemporary to traditional, mid-century modern to transitional, and everything in-between.

Keep yourself cool practically anywhere with a portable fan. Its easy to drag built-in feature makes it suitable to take it anywhere you want without any trouble. Get exclusive deals on the selected products at JD Lighting and a low-price guarantee. In addition to providing the best mix of modern lighting and ceiling fans, JD Lighting makes it a priority to make your online shopping experience the best with the JD Lighting promo code. At a leading lighting and fan retailer store, you will shop by a particular category of fans, lighting, by your favorite brand, and according to price range.

Apart from LED Lighting, ceiling fans have an enormous impact on how your home looks and feels. With a flood of new, smart, and well-designed lights and fans, you can décor your house perfectly. The motor is the most vital piece of a ceiling fan. So, if you spend a lot of money while buying a new fan for your home, make sure to pick the model premium quality motor.

To ensure that your ceiling fan has a long-lasting life, you must consider a top brand. Keep all your worries side away, and use the JD Lighting discount code to get the best ceiling fan at an affordable price. You will impress your guests with how much effort and time you take to decorate your home. Setup the most appropriate outdoor party environment on your terrace lit up with the JD Lighting table lamp.

Never forget to choose a lighting kit that complements the look of your ceiling fan as well as your room. From classic to contemporary, JD Lighting has a diverse variety of light options that you can add to a fitter and enhance your room's design.

Choose A Perfect Lighting Style That Match Your Décor

There was a time when people had lighting and fan switches near their beds not to have to get up to turn off the lights. But, today, with the advancement of technology, it's now possible to use your smartphone to turn on or off your lights. Bringing smart lighting at your home can transform a casual space into great functionality. Use JD Lighting coupon code to get a standard quality intelligent home system at an excellent price.

Whether it's about smart lighting or ceiling fans, there are various benefits to intelligent electronics in your home. It includes a remote control feature, power saving, task scheduling, and more. In summers, ceiling fans can make a room feel much more relaxed, and you save a significant amount on air conditioning bills. In winters, you can use some ceiling fans with reverse functioning. It means you can use them to feel the warm air down from the ceiling. It will keep the heat in the lower portion of your room.

A well-constructed and adequately sized ceiling fan can make your house feel more comfortable at hotter temperatures. Whether you are enjoying a relaxing family dinner, lounging on the sofa watching TV or simply lying down on the bed, make sure you are under a ceiling fan. It will keep the heat you experience while living in Australia. When you walk into the JD Lighting online store ceiling fan section, the sheer number of options will amaze you.

Use LED strips lights to change the color of your room whenever you desire. You can turn your room to pink, purple, red, yellow, green, blue, or any other color you want with the relatively low-cost strip lights. You can buy RGB strip lights using the JD Lighting discount code at a low price and enjoy its tunable feature to about 14 million different colors. The strip lights you buy from here include a flex, a driver, and even a plug. You will get a discount on products on shipping as well when you prefer shopping at JD Lighting.

Cut Down Your Unexpected Electricity Bill Expenses With Ceiling Fan

Get fantastic relief from the heat in summer with a ceiling fan. These fans are a staple in most Australian homes. Motors in ceiling fans are mainly designed to work flawlessly for long periods. These fans are not only easy-to-use but are cost-effective and also require less maintenance. It makes them one of the best choices to cool down on a warm summer day while saving a significant amount on the electricity bill. Use the JD Lighting promo code to get a fantastic product at a low price.

As compared to pedestal fans in terms of cooling, ceiling fans are one of the best upgrades you can make to summer proof in Australia. In terms of cooling, ceiling fans are the top choice to save on a fraction of the cost of air conditioners. Among the broad categories and options, Hunter Pacific ceiling fans have built up an excellent reputation among homeowners. With outstanding quality and design, customers like HP fans, lights, and other accessories. JD Lighting stands at four significant sections- high-quality, sound system, fantastic service, and standard technical innovation.

Many get confused about choosing a ceiling fan with three blades, four blades, or even 5. However, it doesn't matter whatever the number of blades your lover is having. With the current innovation in ceiling fan design, you will hardly notice any difference in performance between fans with less or a more significant number of blades. The noisy fan can be annoying because it becomes essential to check that fan noise is kept on the least. Moreover, it isn't easy to decide whether a ceiling fan will perform better or not by looking at its design features.

It's beneficial to pick a ceiling fan that is appropriate to your home décor. Using the JD Lighting coupon code, you can buy a significant ceiling fan with better motor quality, blade material, and blade pitch. With the diverse range of choices to make, you can choose a fan design that enhances your taste plus home design. There are several other schemes and offers to look at; you can benefit from the best product within a minimal price range.

Hit Your Home Interior Design With Pendant Lights

Pendant lights with the raw material design incorporate luxurious finishes such as cork, concrete, and copper. A neutral color palette creates an earthy, warm, and modern look at your home. With a little tweak, the pendant lights you consider at JD Lighting can be seamlessly incorporated to suit diverse home décor. These lights' different color appearance offers a soft plus calm tone that is analogized to get a stylish look. So, if you are looking for a cleaner look as a part of your home renovation, you must go with pendant lights.

Downlights never goes out of style. Apart from the pendant lights, you can get a functional ambient light throughout your home with a downlight. The practicality, discreet appearance, fantastic ability to blend well with other lights such as pendants make downlights an excellent choice. At JD Lighting, you can get the correct downlight that works well and reliable, and will last for a great time. You can use the JD Lighting discount code and get benefit from great discounts on the selected products.

Like a super fund, the earlier you invest in the right LED lights, the more benefits you can save in the long-term. The term savings means that the long life span of LED lighting significantly diminishes maintenance costs. Apart from it, LEDs use less energy as compared to other lights and also reduces eye strain. So, whether you prefer reading, watching TV, or anything else, these lights will not put any pressure and will enhance your productivity.

Downlights with outward LEDs are more consistent as well as durable. If your budget allows, you can go with a downlight incorporated with an aluminum heatsink, aluminum body, and an external LED driver. Visit JD Lighting collection for LED downlights and use JD Lighting promo code to benefit from low prices. Here, you will get a product with a long-term warranty. It can potentially save your money from having to hire expert electricians to replace the product in case of a failure. So, prefer shopping for any lights and fans at JD Lighting to have peace of mind.


JD Lighting Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use JD Lighting coupon code?

JD Lighting is a famous website that provides products like speaker, headphone, home audio, etc. Hotozcoupons provide various coupon codes for this company such as 20% off discount code, 50% off on earphones, and many more.

Which are the trending offers at JD Lighting?

Hotozcoupons has a great collection of active promo codes available for JD Lighting. They offer their customer with 100% verified coupon codes that works every time it is being used. JD Lighting has a wide range of musical accessories.

Which is the best way to get JD Lighting online coupons?

JD Lighting offers their customer with a wide range of lights, fans and other electric accessories. First visit the website and choose the product you want to buy. After that add it to your cart. Before payment an option will appear to insert promo code.

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