Which is The Biggest Flower Festivals?

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Each year our planet witnesses a wide variety of flower festivals that displays the incredible charm of Mother Nature. It is truly an incredible sight for each one of our eyes and soul. These fascinating festivals leave behind an everlasting impression on our soul. If you ever get a chance don’t miss out on the experience that flowers bring with it.

Ventimiglia, Italy –

The Battle of Flowers or La Battaglia dei Fiori is celebrated every two years and showcases the mesmerizing beauty of flowers. The festival features parades which are all about dancing, music, and fireworks. As the parade continues, it displays boats decorated with stunning flowers. More than 80,000 flowers are used to decorate each boat.

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Canberra, Australia –

One of the best flower festivals that you will come across is in Canberra. Be it the grandeur or the sheer size of the Floriade flower festival, there is absolutely nothing that will fail to impress you. Visitors are greeted with fresh blooms that are enough to cradle your soul. There are also endless types of entertainment and food that can be found here. It continues for an entire month. Get Interflora’s Coupon Codeand you can purchase the flowers of your choice at a low price.

Madeira, Portugal –

Witness the charm of Festa da Flor that takes place during the spring every year. This festival is renowned for its extensive display of flowers. Apart from all of that, there is music, food, entertainment. You will be mesmerizing by the parades which pass through the streets. It will help you understand the beauty of Portuguese culture in depth.

Brussels, Belgium –

The flower festival here in Belgium is all about decorating thousands of different Begonias specimens. It forms a stunning carpet with these flowers. It lasts for four days and takes place every two years.

These are some of the best flower festivals in the world.

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