8 Fantastic Ways To Make The Most Of Leap Year

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This 2020 is something very special! Can you guess why? Well, because this year is a leap year, that is, this year comes after every four years! So, what can be done to make this Leap year to make it all the more special? Here are more tips for leap year to get more active. You can get more exclusive tips which would help you.

Here are 8 ways to make the most of leap year.

  1. Party Time – Though 1st January or 31st December is usually considered to be party nights, 29th February is no less special! After all, this day comes once every 4 years. So, party hard this day and make it all the more special.
  2. Propose – What if your anniversary comes once every 4 years? Wouldn’t that be special? So, go ahead and propose to the special person and make your anniversary all the more special.
  3. Gift flowers- What can be more apt to commemorate this day than by gifting flowers? You can use Interflora promo codes to avail exciting offers on your purchase. So, give away a bunch to someone or yourself to make this day special.
Leap year
  1. Pampering – You get a whole day to pamper yourself. So, take a day off and go to a nearby spa to get some relief! 
  2. Go for Date – Wouldn’t it be just great if you plan a date on 29th! Be it with a friend whom you haven’t met in a while or your loved one.
  3. Self-Love – A whole day just for yourself, start by pampering yourself a bit and then spend the rest of the day doing stuff you love, be it watching movies or reading books.
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  5. Lone time – Keep this day just for yourself away from all social humdrum. A day away from all social media will keep your mind free.
  6. Short trip – Why not make 29th February 2020 a little bit special by going on a short trip to all by yourself, explore new places and a whole new you in the process.

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