Which Are Some Facts About Socks?

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What can socks do for you?

We probably never overthink about the socks that we wear. Yet it is clothing that can make a difference in a look completely. A pair of white sneakers with a colourful pair of socks just make your outfit a lot brighter enough even to uplift your mood. Also, have you ever wondered why we wear socks? It turns out that it does have a very functional use apart from jazzing up your outfit. It provides a cushion to your feet and prevents rubbing and chaffing keeping your feet in good shape. Also, they prevent bacteria from forming in your shoes which then cause smelly feet.

Facts that you surely didn’t know about.

  • The oldest pair of socks have been found in the ruins of a Greek colony dating back to 420 CE. In the ancient days, socks were made from animal skins and with the advent of technology did humans shift to finer quality of cloth used for socks.

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  • Socks symbolized high status around the 10th century. It turned from a functional piece of clothing to a luxury item. Kings and nobles wore knee-high stockings to resemble the comfort they could afford.
  • Queen Elizabeth was picky about her socks – she didn’t want woollen socks but socks made of silk while Albert Einstein hated socks. It was mainly because the socks would form holes because he had big toes!
  • There is a sock capital of the world, whether you believe it or not. The Datang district in the eastern part of China makes 40% of the socks made in the world.

Where can you find some interesting pair of socks?

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