Which Are Random Facts About Socks?

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It is believed that the Greeks invented the socks. It started when a Greek man was sick of his cold feet and decided to use animal skin and hair to cover his feet so that the feet would feel warm. But it turned out that the animal skin started smelling and also worn out. This gave birth to the concept of knitted socks.

How the sock evolved!

For a very long time, around the 11th century, socks were a status symbol. The kings and the nobles wore it show off the comfort that came with socks. It was only in the 16th century that machines were made that would help in mass-producing socks. It was only then socks were used by countrymen and today we have a sock capital in the eastern part of China. It produces 40% of all the socks in the world, and now we have different kinds of socks which satisfies different tastes and conforms to different trends keeping up with fashion.

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How have we added style to our socks?

We have also added style to how we wear socks. Some people like to fold it. Some keep it straight up – a style seen mostly sported by golfers. Some people do not like to show their socks, and for them, the makers have come up with no-show socks. These give them the comfort of socks, but it does not show.

Which Are Some Facts About Socks?

With the number of types of socks growing and the various patterns that are coming up in this category, it can be said that this century is sock obsessed. If you want to get your trendy pair, visit sayitwithasock.com. They have a splendid variety to boast, and you can take your pick from the spread. Use Happy Sock Promo code to make your purchase a profitable one!

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