What Are The Dos and Dont’s Of Not Wearing Socks?

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What To Do If You Do Not Want To Wear Socks!

Socks are often treated as the clothing we don’t pay much heed to. Many people prefer not wearing socks to thinking that it will cause their feet to sweat and become smelly. But that is a myth that needs to be bust. Look at pros and cons of not wearing socks.

Know why you should wear socks!

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Our feet have some 25000 sweat glands, and when we leave it bare, the sweat accumulates and makes our feet smelly and also spoils the shoes. None of us wants to embarrass ourselves in front of others when taking our socks. It’s a complete turnoff and also is an example of the poor hygiene one maintains. Socks, on the other hand, absorb this sweat and keep your feet from getting sweaty. They also make for great styles when paired nicely. You could quirk up your look only with a pair of exciting socks or add grace to your look with a lace sock. There are so many opportunities that this often-ignored piece of clothing provides.

What to do if you are still stubborn about not sporting a sock?

In case you do not want to wear socks at all, then go for the no-show socks that are trending now. They cover your feet entirely but do not come up to your ankles and hence don’t show. So, this is the best bargain you can get where you keep yourself from smelly feet and at the same time sport the no sock look. Though we firmly believe that there can be no replacement for socks, no-show socks are practical to make your summer shoes last better.

Where do you get the pair of socks that you want?

These no-show socks are one level lower than the socks that the ankle socks that athletes generally wear. If you want to choose your no-show socks from a variety of colours and styles, head over to sayitwithasock.com and use Happy Socks promo code to make your purchase a delighted one.

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