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Happy Socks

10% Off with Newsletter Sign Up at Happy Socks

  • March 30, 2021
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Happy Socks
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15% Off New in orders at Happy Socks

  • March 30, 2021
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Happy Socks
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  • March 30, 2021
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Out of all the pieces of clothing we use, the ones we are least concerned about are our socks and underwear and understandably so. We mean those are the only pieces of clothing which aren't visible. Our trousers wrap them up and drive them off the privilege of getting noticed. We fail to apprehend the fact that undergarments and socks can also be a vital part of fashion. Even if we put the fashion aspect aside, comfort remains a mainstay. You cannot compromise comfort just because they aren't visible to others. It is where happysocks.com have filled in the gap for the clothing market. The products they provide to the general users not only have established them as a go-to place for designer socks and underwear but have also given the wearers a viable option for buying or gifting designer socks. Let us have a brief look at the company and their products.

About happysocks.com

Back in 2008, two friends nurtured a vision which was to spread joy by turning a common place every day essential into a very lucrative and colourful piece of design having a rigid standard of quality, creativity and craftsmanship. They materialised this vision by conceptualising happysocks and bringing it to perfection. Since then happysocks have expanded manifold and is now being sold in more than 90 countries spread across every continent.

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The option to place your order at HappySocks is available right at your fingertip. Just dial our numbers or place an order online. We will take care of the rest.

  1. The Dream Raincoat-

    Happy socks introduced their first piece of rainwear last year to establish their market in the rainy season. They named it the Dream Raincoat. It was created in collaboration with Stutterheim, the leading Swedish brand in fashion. The product combines the iconic Stockholm raincoat with the signature happysocks Big Dot design enabling the user to tackle troublesome weather in a joyful manner. Happysocks.com implemented the concept of “opposites attract” in a very subtle way. The signature creations of Stutterheim are handcrafted with quality functionality, simplicity and a classic, timeless design. This product blends the trendy colourfulness of Sweden with iconic melancholy. The raincoat boasts off a quality heat welding technique which helps in tackling the tricky weather conditions without any hassle.

  2. Big Dot Boxer-

    Whenever it comes to a blend of men’s comfort with style, you can’t go further than a pair of boxers. Happysocks understood that perfectly and hence came up with a couple of vivid boxers. Flaunting big dots coloured blue, grey, pink, green and orange over a black background. It provides a stylish look to the men’s all-time favourite home wear. It is made of cotton and is loosely fitted to provide a relaxed experience and heightened comfort level. On top of that, an open-fly construction offers optimum convenience level.

  3. Dressed moss knit sock-

    Happysocks was created as a premium brand for designer socks. It wouldn’t be fair not to list their premium item in this list of favourites. The dresses moss knit sock is perfect for adding a hint of style and texture to your daily office wear. It is constructed of mercerised cotton and is very comfortable for long time wearing. The design is constructed by placing a large variety of weaves next to each other in an aesthetic fashion. The traditional navy blue has been updated to a more hip and pop pink toe version. The socks are currently available in sizes 39 to 42 and also 43 to 46.

  4. Hipster-

    Happysocks.com made women a lot happier with the launch of this product. This pair of women’s hipster is the ultimate underwear for happy women. The white and blue polka dot pattern spell fun with a capital F while the fabric made of a combination of elastin and cotton provide the comfort of the ultimate level. The breathability and stretchability of this underwear are ideally suited for all-day wear. The Hipster is available in sizes large, medium, small and extra-small.

  5. Palm Beach swim shorts-

    Now let’s get into the fun category, the beachwear. To start with men’s beachwear the Palm Beach swim shorts is your perfect buddy to hit the beach with. It is a pair of black shorts stripped with designs of palm pastel tress. It is best suited for a breezy day outing on the exotic beaches with your friends or family. Even a fast dip on the local pool can be fun when you are flaunting these pair of beach-wear from happysocks.com. The stretchy fabric makes it uber comfortable. These are available in sizes small to XL.

  6. Kid’s Big dot tights-

    Let’s finish off with something for the kids, shall we? The big dots tights make it comfortable for your kid to start his day with a bang. The pair of tights flaunt the iconic happysocks big dot pattern and that too in turquoise colour. It becomes easier for the family to match their outfits cantering that colour.

Top Deals

  1. Buy 2 and get 1 @19 AUD and above

    Happysocks if currently offering a Buy 2 get 1 free offer where you can get three products for the price of two. So, this is your best chance to buy your beachwear set of three swimwears or get your winter pack of three boxers. You might even choose to pack in your sock collection with three stylish designer socks from Happysocks at the price of one.

  2. Free shipping on orders above INR999

    We all know and have experienced how shipping charges become a headache when ordering products online. I don’t mean that they are unjustified, but they do trouble our calculations and unsettle our budget plans when shopping online. To relieve us from those woes Happysocks have brought in the free shipping offer where a buyer can avail free shipping when he or she makes an order above 19 AUD. So, no more thinking about and budgeting on the basis of the shipment charges. When you buy big on purchases above 19 AUD, you don’t even have to bother about them.

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Shoppers Guide

Rock With Those Socks!

If you think that socks are mere pieces of cloth to protect your feet then Happy Socks is here to change your mind. Socks don’t have to be unique or dull, they can be extremely fun-ky. To ensure that your socks are as bright and vibrant as your personality, Happy Socks purveys a massive range of socks that are comfortable and colourful. Jazz up your sock wardrobe with socks for every mood and every clothing. You can buy comfortable, high-quality socks at a cost-effective price range. You can further maximize your savings while shopping for premium quality socks, underwear, swimsuits and more by simply applying Happy Sock’s Promo code in the checkout section of your order.

Wearing comfortable socks inside your shoes or flats is of utmost importance since it maintains your body temperature, protects your feet from blisters and germs, reduces the pressure on your leg muscles and maintains the moisture. Not wearing socks inside your footwear can lead to dehydrated feet especially in the winter season. Furthermore, dehydration of the feet can lead to stretch marks forming in the heel area. To ensure feet hygiene and health, you must always wear comfortable socks inside your shoes and flats as well as make sure that your footwear is not too tight or uncomfortable.

You can browse through a diverse collection of formal and sporty socks that shall certainly bring a fancy twist in your usual wardrobe. Shop unlimited without worry about the money. At Happy Socks, you get underwear, socks, swimwear and more at an incredibly competitive price range. It's time to dust off your wishlist. Grab the hottest deals on all your purchases at Happy Socks by applying Happy Sock’s discount code while you place the order. Once you’ve applied the coupon, you can enjoy instant offers and discounts on your orders all through the year. Check out the limited edition of happy socks to buy an exquisite range of socks based on your favourite cartoon characters or music bands. With Happy Socks, you can wear your heart on your feet.

Socks For Every Mood

“If you stumble, make it part of your dance.” If you've lost your funk in the chaos of the world, Happy Socks guarantees to bring it back with their extraordinary collection of socks. In the 21st century where designers and fashionistas are pioneers of the stylish generation of today, socks are no more just pieces of textile rather a fashion statement in itself. Socks speak volumes about your personality and go a long way in providing comfort and hydration to your feet. To brighten up your dull sock collection, Happy Socks purvey more than a hundred different styles, types and colours that you can browse through to choose your perfect pair.

Don’t let the everyday hustle dim the funk that’s within you. Happy Socks aims at delivering exquisite design pieces across the globe to add some funk in your life. Dominated my air-tight schedules, hectic workdays and a million errands on your plate, being happy becomes secondary. To spread a little joy in everyone’s world with a funky pair of socks is Happy Socks’ sole motto. Shop limitlessly for a wide range of socks, swimwear, underwear and more at the most cost-effective prices. You can also grab the best deal on essential wear by simply applying Happy Sock’s Promo Code in the checkout section of your order.

With their extraordinary range of socks for all your mood, Happy Socks makes sure that your feet are always groovy. Comfortable feet are happy feet. Produced with premium quality cloth, the socks purveyed by Happy Socks are enduring and trust-worthy. You can buy the most comfortable socks at the lowest rates that are sure to fit your style and drag you back into trend. From socks that make you feel confident, socks for the cuddly times, socks for those cute selfies, socks to ace the chic look, to socks in which you are your best self, find what fits right and feels right. Apply Happy Sock’s Coupon Code on your order to enjoy a super-saver deal on your next online purchase. With happy socks, you can always have happy feet!

The Best Sellers At Happy Socks

Happy Socks is a one-stop destination for all of your essential wear including socks, underwear, swimsuits and more. You can browse through more than a hundred different types of socks that come in various colours, sizes, shapes and even prints. Whether you wish to ace a casual look or sport a funky look, Happy Socks has you covered. The enduring clothing range is produced from premium quality fabrics that ensure your comfort and style. The soft texture of the underwear and socks help you keep discomfort and irritation at bay. Yet another reason to opt for Happy Socks is the cost-effective price range. You can shop unlimitedly at Happy socks without leaving a dent in your pocket. Every piece of cloth purveyed at Happy socks is designed exclusively to make sure you don’t compromise on quality or quantity. Style the latest trends at the most economical rates and make most out of your sock-wearing days. You can also apply Happy Sock’s Discount Code in the checkout section of your order to maximize your savings.

Some of the best sellers at Happy Socks include the pride 2020 line of colourful and vibrant socks which signifies its affiliation with the Phluid Project that is set on pride 2020 theme and flaunts an amazing range of fashionable socks for men, women and children. Shout out to all the SpongeBob fans, you can now find printed socks based on your favourite cartoons like SpongeBob and music bands like The Beatles. Find bold and forward styles of socks to ace a dynamic look in Hysteria, a line of socks to fuel the wilderness.

You can also browse through an exquisite collection of embroidery socks to wear inside your shoes, sneakers or flats. Perfect for a casual look, the embroidery socks have a soft texture that ensures maximum comfort and protection to your feet against germs and blisters. Apply Happy Socks’ Promo Code in the checkout section of your purchase to grab the best deals on socks, swimwear, underwears and more. You can also buy high-quality athletic socks to wear inside your sports shoes. With happy socks, you can play hard and slay harder.

The Limited Edition At Happy Socks

Partnering with some of the most creative brands and artists from across the globe, Happy Socks boast over a hundred unique pairs of socks to maximize the joy in your sock-wearing days so that you smile every time you take a glance at your feet.

“Do what makes you feel fancy” If you wish to add some funk to your wardrobe, Happy Socks is just the place for you. With an extraordinary collection of vibrant, and unique swimwear, socks, underwear and more, Happy Socks aim at providing you with the finest designs that are comfortable and stylish. The soft texture of the fabric used for all kinds of swimsuits, socks and underwear is enduring and of premium quality. You can dust off your wishlist and give your wardrobe a funky revamp with Happy Socks at a cost-effective price. Apply Happy Socks’ Coupon Code while placing your order online and avail the best offers on all essential wear.

The Limited Edition at Happy Socks boasts a dynamic selection of swimwear, socks and intimate apparel that come in unique designs, textures and colours to perfectly resonate with your personality. Pairing up with some of the most creative designers and boutique producers like Queens and popular names like Amber Vittoria, Pink Panther, Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Disney & Pixar’s ‘Onwards’ and many more as their creative partners, Happy Socks is on a mission to spread joy and colour through their mesmerizing line of socks. You can choose from a hundred unique pairs and buy high-quality, comfortable and long-lasting socks in a hassle-free manner with Happy Socks. Do not forget to apply Happy Socks’ Promo Code on your purchases to enjoy whopping discounts while shopping at the online store.

Circumvent the endless loop of monotony and indulge in the funky yet classy collection of essential wear at Happy Socks to find swimsuits, underwear and socks that keep discomfort at bay and turn on the funk all-day!

What A Colourful World

“Be crazy. Be stupid. Be silly. Be weird. Be whatever. Because life is too short to be anything but happy.” When you think that your life is turning into a black and white movie reel, add some colour. With the sole motto of spreading happiness and colour across the globe, Happy Socks offers a diverse range of high-quality essential wear that come in extraordinary designs, colours and styles.

Whether you are a minimalist or a pro at being funky, you can browse through a hundred unique pairs of socks and choose the one that suits your taste and empowers the real you. Check out the new arrivals at Happy Socks to purchase socks, swimwear, underwear and more that are trendy and comfortable. To maximize your savings while shopping at the online store, you can simply apply Happy Socks’ Promo Code on your order to avail the best offers on all essential wear. Collaborating with the most creative designers and artists of the world like Pink Panther, Queen, Pride, Rolling Stones and many more, Happy Socks is your one-stop destination to shop for boutique produce at a pocket-friendly rate without stepping out of your comfort zone.

If you are as clueless as Joey Tribbiani when it comes to purchasing gifts for your special ones, you can browse through the gift section of Happy Socks to buy a stunning pair of socks with unique graphics and colours or even opt for a super-saver set of 2 or 7 pairs of your chosen socks in the most hassle-free way. Make sure to apply Happy Sock’s Coupon Code in the checkout section of your order to enjoy great deals on essential wears for men, women and children. Discover bold styles and trends in the Limited Edition of Happy Socks or explore the exquisite collection of embroidery, sporty and half crew socks on the online store and place your order today. Colour your world as per your desire and fuel your artsy side. With Happy Socks by your side, you can never run out of options.


Happy Socks Frequently Asked Questions

Does Happy Socks provide student offers?

No, Happy Socks has a range of available discounts but no student discount offers as yet.

How do I find best online coupons for Happy Socks?

Check the official website of Happy Socks for the latest offers or go to HotOzCoupons to find the trending coupons available.

How can I use Happy Socks promo codes?

You can use Happy Socks promo codes on HotOzCoupons by clicking on Redeem to use them. You can also copy the codes and paste it while paying for your order.

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