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Up To 61% Off On Selected Products

  • December 13, 2019
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Up To 57% Off On Woolen Underlay

  • December 13, 2019
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Buy Partners Heaven Dual GSM Wool Quilt @ Just $189

  • December 13, 2019
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Ways To Make A Woollen Quilt And Taking Care Of It

It is crucial to choose the right material for your bedding. Many people have allergies, and one should maintain good hygiene. People planning to buy a Woollen quilt can use voucher codes to get great offers. Many of us use a wool quilt and should have knowledge about how to refresh them. Some of the tips to refresh a wool quilt are:

1. Make sure to open the windows.

The first and easiest step is to open your bedroom and let the air come in. Once you aerate the bedroom, it helps to freshen up your place. This will also help to get rid of the dust and mites present in your bedding. Every morning people just make his or her bed. But it is essential to give a good shake to your wool quilt. Those who can afford to find some time should place their quilt near the window and let it get the sunlight. Keep it there for half an hour to an hour. This helps to kill all the mites and bugs.

2. Take your quilt outside for some air.

People should know that wool loves the air and sunlight. Hence if you have a warm and breezy day, try to take your quilt out in the sun and keep it there for some time to soak up the sunlight and air. It helps to keep the wool-like new and healthy.

3. Make sure to change the bed linen on a daily basis

It is essential to change the quilt cover, pillowcase, and bed sheet. Try to throw them for a wash once every week. This helps to maintain the hygiene inside your bedroom. When we sleep, we tend to shed skin and sweat. This accumulates in our bed covers and pillowcase and eventually forms bugs and mites. Hence it is important to change them on a regular basis to maintain hygiene and also keep your skin clean. Also, one can sleep peacefully in a clean and fresh bed.

4. Try to opt for spot cleaning method for your wool quilt

One should not wash their wool quilt regularly. Professionals often recommend to clean the quilt once every two weeks but to keep them outside in the air whenever one can do it. But at times by accident, we spill things in our wool quilt that causes stains. One can search for various mixes to help spot clean the area. One of the easiest ways is to mix wool detergent with a teaspoon of white vinegar and a litre of warm water.

5. Revive the old quit which was in storage

People have dedicated quilts for summer and winter. Make sure you don’t store your wool quilts in a space saver bag, as they tend to flatten the wool fibres. When taking the quilt out from the bag, try to keep them in the air for a couple of hours. You can also try to spray some water and tumble dry the quilt on a low setting to revive the wool and the filling. Also, make sure your wool gets completely dry before throwing them on your bed.

If people try to control the shrinkage, then they can turn old Woollen clothes or new wool into fulled wool. Fulled wool is a plush fabric that does not stretch as well as fray. To get this fabric, one has to pour boiling water in the Woollen fabric inside a washing machine. Try to agitate it and then dry it in a dryer. With the help of the boiling water, one can get rid of a significant amount of dye from the wool. Try to take each colour at a time and repeat this process until you get a result, which you like. Most of the time, a regular washing machine can only take two yards of wool. If one uses very thin wool, then it will take a longer time to shrink it, and one tends to lose length and width during fulling. In this article, we have stated how to full wool, make a quilt, and also utilize the scraps.

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Tools and materials, one needs for this process.

1. Old Woollen clothes or 100% new yardage wool of medium weight

2. A large kettle to boil water

3. Gloved potholders and tongs with large handles

4. Plastic bin to keep the wet wool

5. Laundry soaps

6. A handheld strainer in a small size

7. Muslin cloth

8. Washing machine and dryer

9. Timer

10. Sewing machine

11. 10-ounce cup

12. Blender

13. Rubber band

14. Plate

15. Lightweight iron

How to full the wool?

When using Woollen yardage, make sure to cut the selvages. People using old Woollen clothes should remove all the buttons, cut the darts and seams open and also around the buttonholes and remove the hem tapes. Make sure you get rid of the entire interface. Sometime people can’t remove or lose some of it. But it will get easy when using the boiling water. Next, fill the sink with warm water and put a tablespoon of laundry soap in it. Then take your Woollen clothes or wool yardage and soak it in the soap solution for half an hour. One can get deals and offers on these laundry soap by using promo codes. Do not rinse the wool before throwing them inside the washing machine. Then boil a large kettle of water. After transferring the wool into the washing machine, pour the boiling water to cover the entire wool plus a few inches. The wool should agitate in a very less amount of water. Then, you need to set the timer for 10 minutes and let the wool agitate. One should expect to see some soap sudsing. With the help of a large tong, pull out a corner of the wool to check it.

Try to see if you can pull a thread from the edge. If you can, then the wool hasn’t fulled yet. Try to agitate the wool for 5 more minutes and check again. Keep on check at the wool every 5 minutes to see whether you can pull out a thread. When you have fulled the wool, it won’t fray and no longer have the woven structure. Then carefully with the tongs place the wool in the plastic bin. After that, take the strainer and take out as much of the lint from the soap water as possible. Do not let this link drain through the water pipes, and one can use it to make pincushions. Carefully rinse the wool and get rid of all the soap then put it aside. After that, put the wool again in the washing machine and clean it with cold water. Make sure to wash the wool at least two times. You should expect the wool to shrink a little more in the cold water. Once you finish the process, check the water for any wool lint and remove it. Now the wool should be 1/4th inch thick, and for those who want it thicker should repeat the process again. But make sure to keep in mind that thicker wool can get hard to work with as they get less flexible. Then put the wool in the dryer for half an hour. Once you see the wool gets dry spray some water into a muslin cloth and iron it by placing it on top of the wool.

Steps to make a fulled wool quilt block

We know that fulled wool gets really thick; hence one cannot use the basic seam allowance style. We have started the construction sequence.

1. Take the fulled wool and cut the pieces without the seam allowance style but in the shape and size of your finished product.

2. Then take two pieces and place them together edge to edge. Make sure to check if the sides match and cut it to make it look clean. Then flip both the pieces over.

3. Take a ¼ inch of lightweight iron-on interfacing to seal the edges together. The strip of clothes will help to keep the wool in place when you opt for machine joining stitches. For those who want to hand embellish on the quilt blocks will find the non-woven interfacing softer to stitch through.

4. Try to join one block with another until you get your finished product.

5. Then take the whole piece to your sewing machine. Utilize the machine to stitch all the blocks together. You can opt for various stitches such as straight line or zigzag whichever suits your quilt. For those who opt for a zigzag pattern should keep the distancing medium and not too short. Plan ahead the style of stitching, so the end of one line gets covered by another line of stitching. Also, for those who want to use the zigzag pattern, make sure to use an invisible thread. It usually sinks in the naps the fulled wool, and one cannot see it.

6. Once you complete stitching the whole block, spray the muslin cloth with water and place it over the wool then iron it down.

7. Lastly, use the piece of interfacing to connect all the rows and blocks.

How to do embellishing?

One should know that fulled wool is a very sturdy material and can hold the weight of embellishing. Various types of embellishments look good on fulled wool, such as hand and machine embroidery, buttons, beading, couching, silk ribbon embroidery, ribbon works, and charms. One can also opt for machine stitches for multiple rows. It looks nice then done with metallic threads. When doing embellishing, make sure to use fibers thicker than normal ones. The embellishments will sit higher than the fabric, so prepare for that.

How to do the finishing?

For a fulled wool quilt, one does not require a batt. If you want backing, then opt for cotton, which is denser than quilters’ cotton. You can get them as 100% lightweight cotton fabric in 9-ounce flannel sheets. For a fulled wool quilt, one can opt for a home sewing machine or long arm sewing machine. Many people also choose hand stitching. When binding the quilt, opt for double layer cotton. If you have an unfulled wool, then single layer cotton works fine.

How to make a pincushion with the excessive lint?

When you agitate the wool in the washing machine, you get a lot of lint. Try to take them out of the soap water with the help of a small strainer. With this leftover link, you can make a Woollen pincushion. Here are the steps to create a pincushion with the help of the leftover lint.

1. First, sort the wool and the lint by colour.

2. Then tear up all the Woollen pieces into 1/8-inch size.

3. Then take half a cup of this minced wool and fill it with water then put it in the blender.

4. Blend it for at least 30 seconds and check if you can see any minced pieces of wool. After this, you will notice clouds of wool fibres in the water. Use a strainer to set aside the wool and place it on a plate.

5. Then try to do this process for various coloured wool until you get 3 cups of dry minced wool.

6. Take the 10-ounce cup and fill it up with the wet wool and squeeze out the water completely.

7. Then take the wool out of the cup with the help of a spoon and place it on your hand.

8. Place the ball of wool in a piece of muslin and twist it. Then secure the end with a piece of a rubber band.

9. Place the ball in the dryer with your other laundry. Take it out of the dryer then squeeze it.

10. Once it gets dry, then decorate it according to your liking.

People who want to buy a Woollen quilt and get a discount should use the Halcyon dream discount codes. One can get great deals and also find a large variety of quits.

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