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20% Off Selected Luggage at Cotswold Outdoor

  • May 18, 2021
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Up to 50% Off Final Reductions at Cotswold Outdoor

  • May 18, 2021
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Up to 50% Off New Lines Added at Cotswold Outdoor

  • May 18, 2021
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Find Reliable and Affordable Travel Gear and Equipment at Cotswold Outdoor


Travel enthusiasts are always complaining about the lack of affordable yet sustainable outdoor apparel. Cotswold Outdoor is like heaven for adventure experts where they can find everything from outdoor apparel, shoes and accessories to camping, climbing, skiing and survival gear. Don’t let your investment go to waste. Head to and find reliable and branded products that have passed multiple quality checks. This online shopping destination has a wide range of items suitable for men, women and children that can be shipped right to your doorstep. Established in 1974, Cotswold Outdoor is a market leader in safe and innovative adventure equipment that are tested at many levels by a team of experts. We believe that travel should be for everyone and that’s why Cotswold Outdoor provides apparatus at pocket-friendly prices and offers great discounts and deals. They offer multiple methods of payment including Visa, Mastercard and PayPal and most items can be dispatched to an Australian address on the same day of order.

Cotswold Outdoor Promo codes at HotOZ

  • Outdoor Apparel for Men and Women-

    Cotswold Outdoor stocks all the necessary travel-friendly apparel a man might need on an adventure. Buy anything like shirts and t-shirts, shorts, base layers, jackets and vests, swimwear, fleece and sweatshirts, trousers, cycling tops etc. in a variety of different styles and sizes. The website has dedicated pages according to your travel specifics that will make it easier to pick out what you’re looking for. So, with a single click of your mouse, you can find warm weather clothes, fleece jackets, insulated jackets, down jackets, parkas, ski clothes, waterproof jackets etc.

    Women can find a fantastic range of outdoor apparel at Cotswold Outdoor too! Head to the women’s section and find a large selection of base layers, dresses and skirts. Find walking trousers, ski pants, waterproof trousers etc. in bottoms. Layer up with soft shell jackets, lifestyle jackets, 3-in-1 jackets, vests and gilets and windproof jackets. Protect yourself against varying degrees of cold in half zip, full zip, quarter zip, sweatshirts and hoodies with fleece.

  • Outdoor Apparel for Children-

    If you’re planning to take your child on an excellent adventure, then look no further. Cotswold Outdoor has impressive travel clothes and accessories suitable for both boys and girls. A large variety of outdoor apparel including waterproof jackets, insulated jackets, fleece and sweatshirts, t-shirts and shirts, trousers, base layers, ski clothes, swimwear, shorts etc. for children can be purchased and delivered to your doorstep. Child carriers and rucksacks for children will surely aid adventurous parents who plan to go on a trip with their kids.

  • Footwear-

    Footwear is probably the most crucial aspect of your travel gear as the shoe of your choice can make or break your entire trip. As you already know, you would need a specialized shoe based on the kind of outdoor activities you will be performing. Find a large selection of walking boots, approach shoes, sandals, running shoes, mountain boots, climbing shoes, casual footwear, wellies, snow boots and slippers for both men and women at Cotswold Outdoor. Most of these are also available in sizes suitable for children. But that’s not all you can find in the footwear section. Get laces, gaiters as well as proofers, cleaning gel, wax, conditioner, waterproof cream etc. for taking care of your precious shoes.

  • Equipment-

    Cotswold Outdoor is a one-stop shop for all travel equipment. Planning to go camping? Find tents in various sizes along with tent accessories, shelters and Bivis. Sleep peacefully with high-quality sleeping bags, liners, mats and pillows. Buy head torchers, handheld torchers, lanterns or camp kitchen equipment like stoves and fuel, kettles and coffee pots, crockery and cutlery, pots and pans or water bottles and flasks. You can also buy walking poles, GPS and navigation, action cameras, drones, harness, crampons, karabiners, ice axes, ski equipment, hydration packs, panniers etc. at Cotswold Outdoor.

Top Deals

When you find your travel experiences piling up, you have nothing to worry about because Cotswold Outdoor has impressive discount deals which you can avail to get your necessary outdoor items at unbelievable prices. Find all items at slashed prices here:

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  • Copy the promotional code from the new window.
  • Open the website for Cotswold Outdoor on a new tab.
  • It is now time for you to shop! Browse through the different categories of products and add your choices to your basket.
  • After confirming your products on the basket, check out.
  • Search for the region where you can paste your discount code.
  • Paste your voucher code in the assigned box and confirm the code by clicking on the ‘confirm code’ button below. You will be amazed to see the price gets reduced so much!
  • Fill in the rest of the details and place your order. You cannot get it as simple as this.
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Shoppers Guide

Buying Guide For The Perfect Pair Of Boots

Who could have ever imagined the task of purchasing a pair of boots can be this daunting? Did you know there are endless things that you have to actually consider before you place an order? From keeping in mind that you can’t compromise on the comfort of the shoes to ensuring you its not an outdated style that you are hooked up on - a lot goes on during the purchase of boots. Today let’s take a closer look at all of these factors, shall we?

  • Comfort Is The Primary Concern:Always buy boots that are extremely comfortable and don’t hurt your feet at all. Stick to renowned brands that take great pride in the kind of comfortable shoes that they manufacture. Focus on the shape of your feet before you purchase your boots.
  • It Should Be Highly Flexible:Keep in mind that the flexibility of the shoes will have an impact on comfort. Conduct a simple test and try to bend the front of the shoes where your toes would be. There should also be enough support at the arch as well. Look for shoes with thick and wide heels. Cotswold Outdoor Promo Code will ensure you have a remarkable shopping experience and get appealing discounts, deals, and offers on every purchase.
  • Measure Your Feet Properly:It might sound a bit obvious that we are suggesting to keep the size of your feet in mind while buying boots, but it is extremely important that you do so. As boots are a highly versatile item, you must measure the arch, width, and length of your feet correctly. This will help you get the perfect fit.

These are some of the crucial tips that you have to consider before buying a pair of boots.

How To Layer Yourself In The Right Way In Winter?

Travel and adventure freaks love to be in the lap of nature. But layering yourself in the harsh winters to protect the body from the cold temperature is something that you need to learn. Here are three simple steps you need to follow with Cotswold clothing to layer yourself entirely up. Shop all the essential items with the exciting Cotswold Outdoor coupon code.

  • Start with The Base:The base layer is worn first right next to the skin. Its primary function is moisture-wicking. This base should keep the body dry in all climates. The material that you wear underneath all the layers must have good insulating properties. It is best if it is anti-microbial because you need not be able to wash it very often. Merino wool base layer clothing is a good choice for winters.
  • Insulating Middle Layer:This middle layer does the actual job of protecting you from the cold. You can wear any insulating jacket to warm you up. Just make sure that the material traps the body heat and is breathable. It is extremely important to keep you warm as well as comfortable and hygienic. Fleece material is the best for this layer.
  • Outer Protection Layer:The external protection layer is needed to save you from the wind and rain. It keeps the inner layers safe from getting wet. This layer should also let the moisture and heat escape from the heat so that the body does not get overheated. Look for weatherproof hard shells to protect you from harsh rain. This type of jacket is completely waterproof. Another type of outer protection layer is a softshell that is not completely waterproof but is stretchable and provides great wind resistance. A down jacket or a synthetic one made of polyester is also a good choice for the outer protection layer, especially if you are travelling to a very cold climate. Shop Costwold clothing with Cotswold Outdoor coupon code and get the best materials to layer up.

What Are The Things That You Need For Rainy Season?

Walking in the rain is a beautiful thing to experience. Many people love it, while others see it as an impediment to their travel plans. However, whether you love it, or you don’t, rain shouldn’t stop you from walking or travelling. Cotswold Outdoor clothing has the best rainy season essentials that you must have before hitting outdoors. Use the Cotswold Outdoor promo code for the best deals on the clothing.

Cotswold Outdoor coupon codes at HotOZcoupons

  • Waterproof Jacket:It goes without saying that a waterproof jacket is the most essential item that must feature in your rainy season essentials. It is a must-have for all adventure and travel lovers. If you invest in a good waterproof jacket, it is going to last you for years. Cotswold brings you fully taped waterproof jackets with specialist technology for the best protection against harsh rain.
  • Waterproof Overtrousers:Wearing a waterproof jacket isn’t enough if your bottoms are getting wet in the rain. Waterproof overtrousers are the best thing for this problem. They provide extra protection to save your trousers from getting wet in the rain. These overtrousers are compact and light and can be easily kept folded in your backpack for rainy weather.
  • Rain cover:Waterproof bags may not provide the best protection as the water may seep in through the seams and the zips. Having a rain cover to completely cover your bags is the best way to protect them from the rain.
  • Hand and neck warmers:The rainy season just doesn’t come with the problem of getting wet. It also makes you feel cold and miserable. Hand and neck warmers are very important to keep you warm in the wet climate while you are outdoors. Hand warmers are better than gloves, which get soaked and never dry soon. Keep these hand warmers with you to comfort yourself when you feel the chills. The same is true for a neck warmer meant for wet weather, which won’t absorb the water, unlike a normal muffler.

What To Keep In Mind Before Buying Rucksacks?

Almost everyone today owns a rucksack and for good enough reasons. It is the best option to carry your clothes, accessories, and other gear as you travel through the different regions of the world. Packing is the most crucial step of any travel plan, which means you have to pay special attention to the kind of rucksack you purchase. Placing an order for a rucksack might not seem like a difficult task unless you come across the overwhelming number of choices that are available. What is it that you can do to avoid confusion? Follow our guide, and you will be sorted.

Cotswold Outdoor voucher codes at HotOZcoupons

  • Pay Close Attention To The Material:You need to focus on rucksacks that are made of polyester or nylon material. It will be highly durable in nature and last longer. Cotswold Outdoor Coupon Code will enable you to purchase a rucksack that can carry your stuff with the greatest ease and offer attractive discounts on your every purchase.
  • Size Of The Rucksack Matters:When you buy a rucksack, you will be presented with endless choices in sizes and the weight it can bear. The size of your rucksack will completely depend on the kind of expedition you are about to embark on or the number of days you will be on the road. Keep these factors in mind before you make a decision.
  • The Straps Of The Backpack:Always buy rucksacks that have wider straps. This will make it comfortable for your shoulders to carry the weight around.
  • Is It Waterproof?One thing that will always remain unpredictable is the weather. This means you should never skip on the waterproof feature of a rucksack.

These are some of the most important features to focus on while buying a rucksack.


Cotswold Outdoor Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find Cotswold Outdoor discount codes in Melbourne?

Cotswold outdoor has a number of men and women clothing with insulated jackets, waterproof garments, mid layers, electronics, etc. Hotozcoupons offers various verified coupon codes for Cotswold Outdoor customers to use and get a great deal or discount.

Are there any Cotswold Outdoor free delivery promo codes?

No one likes to pay the extra dollars just to get their products shipped. Having a coupon code for free delivery can be a great deal. Hotozcoupons offers its customer with free delivery coupon on purchase above $300.

Which are the trending Cotswold Outdoor voucher codes for Melbourne?

Outdoor clothing and accessorize such as waterproof garment, insulated jackets, etc., can be costly but Cotswold Outdoor have good price for them. Some of the trending coupons on Hotozcoupons are sleeping bag for $21, $60 off on jackets, etc.

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