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Code Camp

Free Code Camp for Kids at Code Camp

  • October 27, 2020
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Code Camp

Holiday Camps for Kid’s at Code Camp

  • October 27, 2020
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Code Camp

Register Online After School Program For $180 at Code Camp

  • October 27, 2020
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Code Camp


Code Camp is where parents find enjoyable school holidays and after-school events that allow their children to design, code, and develop, and inspire a fire so they can transform the way with a smiling face. There are two types of programs in this camp, after-school activities and the Summer holiday program. As the kids have their curiosity all year long, it is essential to have two different specialized programs for them. Over the past few months, Code Camp has been working hard to adapt their highly successful school holiday and after-school services to an online format that children would enjoy. You can even enjoy the discounts on the program with Code Camp Promo Codes .

Code Camp Promo codes at HotOZCoupons

At the start of March, more than 5,000 kids have taken part in their online programs, and the input has been excellent. They have enjoyable and entertaining content that means that students not only master the essential coding basics but as the term advances; they are often confronted with more advanced concepts.

Students collaborate with Code Camp Facilitators every week to create amazing inventions using Code Camp Universe. This is an educational coding platform primarily designed by Code Camp, which means that they concentrate on the fun aspects of coding and that students can learn to code at home with exclusive deals. There are many benefits of sending kids to this camp, such as-

  • Live Versatile Support.

  • Daily workshops of live trivia for all participants.

  • Personalized certificates to celebrate the success of your child.

  • Monitor your order on your Code Camp World dashboard for each challenge.

There are many camps available at Code Camp, such as-

  • Little Heroes-

    In the four years since its launch in 2016, over 30,000 children have achieved Little Heroes, and Code Camp has kept all the input from parents, children, and staff on board to create a whole new experience for 2020. In partnership with primary school teachers with comprehensive expertise in early childhood coding education, Code Camp developed their Little Heroes program. Not only has this curriculum been created by students, but highly trained primary school teachers have also taught it. This intensely immersive camp is a fusion of online and offline experiences to keep children involved with Code Camp over their two days that anyone can avail of at a lower price with exclusive Code Camp promo codes.

  • Spark-

    The Spark Code Camp is the location where their journey begins every 7-12 years. Designing sports, jam-packed with cool features like invisibility cloaks, monsters, unicorns, and so much more. The required critical skills for this camp are visual coding, variables Loops, Algorithms, and problem-solving skills. Kids will create their own little arcade-style game during the Spark curriculum using simple drag and drop coding, a visual coding language that makes it very easy to grasp the role that each feature plays in their gameplay. To bring their creations to life, children can use the right blend of creative-level architecture, imagination, and problem-solving while taking advantage of exclusive offers.

  • Ignite-

    If parents are prepared after completing Spark to move their child's coding abilities to the next level, Ignite is the ideal place to level up! Ignite launches JavaScript, the language that nearly all blogs, including Facebook and Google, use on the internet. For this camp, one must-have skill like Visual coding, JavaScript, and advanced game features of interest. Using a mixture of drag & drop and JavaScript scripting, kids can create a unique new game with advanced features. They fill these games with unique characteristics such as cloaks of invincibility, special power-ups, and even shrinking potions. For their play and continued access to Code Camp World, they are encouraged to begin their coding adventure at home, college, or anywhere with internet access.

  • Blast 3D-

    This pure JavaScript camp is suitable for children aged 8-14 who've been looking to develop their talents and create a fantastic adventure game. To design and build their own 3D adventure game, students can use pure JavaScript (the language of the web) during this event. The options are infinite, with hundreds of properties to choose from! Your kid will be a fully-fledged coding superstar by the end of Blast 3D, ready to take on the planet.

  • Web Builders-

    This camp helps children to construct their website (or any subject of their choice) about their favourite animal, movie, or sports team. Together with a newfound knowledge of HTML, CSS & JavaScript, they can walk away with a website they have created from scratch. It is one of our most innovative camps ever where kids entirely control the result. It's recommended that students be reasonably competent with keyboards because of the amount of typing needed at this camp. One should have necessary skills like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Design eSafety, and Content structures. Besides you can make huge savings on these programs if you take the help of Code Camp promo codes.

    Every week, students work with Code Camp Facilitators to create incredible ideas using Code Camp Universe. This is specifically developed by us at Code Camp educational coding site so that we can focus on the items of coding, and learners can learn coding at home.

Best Deals at Code Camp

CodeCamp also has some magnificent offers, like every other coding camp, that one can catch on a budget to give to their children.

  1. Some of the best deals you can get are free Code Camp for Kids at Code Camp, which can be availed online.

  2. There are deals like holiday camps for kids at Code Camp when the holiday season comes parents can also use that.

  3. There are a few deals on Australia comprehensive shipping service available at Code Camp, which can be availed online easily.

  4. You can also receive $10 off on your bookings at Code Camp, which is a fantastic deal.

  5. There is also an Autumn School Holiday Camps @ $20 Off deal, which you can take when the season comes.

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Shoppers Guide

Code Camp Promo codes at HotOZCoupons

Code your way to a successful future!

Code Camp is a comprehensive learning platform that allows your children to have fun with coding and understand the application of fundamental and complex programming language in the process of building an application. Only after he/she has mastered the fundamentals of coding does the kid proceed to learn further. However, Code Camp strides victoriously into stimulating knowledge and theory in the most fun way. Thus, not only learn to code but also have fun with it. Through active interactions, games, assessments, and a lot more with the coding experts, your child is continuously intrigued.

Once you make payment for the enrollment at Code Camp, you can successfully maximize your savings by applying Code Camp’s Discount Code in the payment’s checkout section. Thus, you can effectively redeem your coupon and enjoy exceptional offers on all types of enrollments, whether it is the after-school batch or the online batch.

Since digitalization has taken a stride in all global economic sectors, coding has become a popular professional endeavor. After you’ve pursued coding, the in-demand career options include software application development, business intelligence analysis, and computer programming from a list of a hundred others. Code Camp is confident about snaring your kid’s attention so much so that if your child does not enjoy coding on the very first day, Code Camp will refund you for the rest of the course. Introducing a way of learning the art of coding anywhere and anytime, Code Camp offers an online program that is convenient and super engaging for kids of 5 to 15 years. The courses help you take your coding experience into the digital world and unleash your creativity with the mentorship of the coding experts at Code Camp.

Since Code Camp offers a relatively cost-effective range of programs, you need not worry about spending an exorbitant amount on the educational platform. In fact, you can now seize the opportunity of increasing your savings on all programs at Code Camp by simply applying Code Camp’s Promo Code in the checkout section of your payment and redeem your coupon. You can thus enjoy whopping deals on the enrollment of your kid in any of his/her chosen program. Let the imagination of your child take flight at Code Camp.

Unfurl the fun code!

Are you unsure about which extracurricular activity that shall enhance your child’s caliber? Code Camp is here to provide an enthralling solution that your kid is bound to love. Coding, the process of designing and building an executable computer program, is now one of the most popular activities amongst kids who are tech-savvy and eager learners. From arts like filmmaking to sciences and medicine, all sectors of business have been digitized due to the easy accessibility factor of the world wide web. In such a scenario, mastering the art of coding shall always reflect better on your child’s resume once he/she goes job hunting. But how does a 5-year old understand coding? Code Camp ensures that your kid is mentored by some of the finest in the field. The dynamic range of programs offered by the institute incorporates an array of fundamental topics in coding that are easy to understand and execute. Thus, your child learns how to code by actually coding computer programs and more.

Does Code Camp cost a fortune? Whether it is the after-school program or the in-personal online program, all programs offered by Code Camp are extremely reasonable and pocket-friendly. You can further maximize your savings on the enrollment of your child at Code Camp by simply applying Code Camp’s Discount Code in the payment section. Once you redeem your coupon, you can enjoy striking deals on your total fees. Depending on your child’s schedule, you can choose a program that suits his/her timetable to eliminate any hassle. The online programs at Code Camp are incredibly effective and can be partaken at the convenience of your kid from the comfort of home. .

Loved by more than 100,000 kids & 350 Australian schools since the launch in 2013, you can be assured that your child will enjoy and learn at Code Camp. The learning platform also has extraordinary reviews at Product Review that can be viewed at the official website listed on the page. Code Camp is a hotspot for creativity and learning. Enjoy mesmerizing offers on enrollment at Code Camp by simply applying Code Camp’s Promo Code in the payment section. Happy Coding :)

Get, Set, Code!

Are your kids always eager to learn? Are they tech-savvy? Do they love playing video games or watching television? Well then, they shall fit right in at Code Camp. The educational platform offers a range of coding programs for kids ages 5 to 15. Stimulating theory with practical, Code Camp ensures that your child gets a chance to display his/her utmost creativity in the digital space. Your kid is exposed to various fundamentals of coding and is also asked to imply the fundamentals in the execution and building of fun projects. .

Since digitalization has unfurled an array of businesses going online, Coding connoisseurs have a world full of opportunities that they can seize while choosing a career in coding. You can get your kid enrolled at Code Camp at the most cost-effective prices. To further enjoy whopping offers on the enrollment fees, you can simply apply Code Camp’s Coupon Code in the payment section and instantly redeem your coupon at the online site.

Considering the air-tight schedules of kids today, Code Camp purveys a massive variety of programs that include the in-person online course, the after-school program, and summer programs. The online program is immensely popular, with more than 5000 kids enrolled in the course already. It consists of live-support and one-on-one interaction with the coding experts.

Your child not only learns the basic fundamentals of coding but also dives deeper into relatively complex concepts of coding through the progression of the term. Each week, students create awe-striking creations with the assistance of coding experts by using Code Camp World. The creations of your child will then be showcased in the weekly projects with links that are shareable. Thus, Code Camp shall help your child develop an in-demand skill way before he/she steps into the professional world.

Don’t forget to apply Code Camp’s Discount Code in the payment section of the enrollment process to enjoy striking offers throughout the year. Browse through the official website of Code Camp to check out various programs offered for all kids aged 5 to 15 and choose a program that resonates with your kid’s routine the best. If your kid doesn’t enjoy his/her first day at Code Camp, you shall be refunded for the remaining days. With more than 500 5-star reviews on ProductReview, Code Camp is one of the most popular after-school activities where your kids get a chance to showcase their potential in the field of computer programming, digital development, and other spheres of coding.

Unleash creativity at Code Camp.

“Programming is like any other sport. You might know the rules, but you have to play to learn.” Introducing a fun way of learning how to code, Code Camp is here to be your child’s favorite after-school activity. Loved by more than 100,000 kids & 350 Australian schools since the launch in 2013, Code Camp purveys a diverse range of programs for all kids aged 5 to 15 years.

Through the fun course, your kid learns not just the basic programming language but also the practical application of coding in the process of building an app. Yes, you heard that right. Your child gets to build his/her application with the mentorship of experts in the field. By using the Code Camp World application, your child codes, creates, and executes creations that are then showcased in the weekly projects. You also receive printable certificates that mark the progress of your child through the course. At Code Camp, you discover the fun aspects of coding and get a chance to leverage your creative skills. To learn more about the various programs at Code Camp, you can check out the official website listed on the page. Apply Code Camp’s Discount Code in the checkout section of your payment section to enjoy striking deals on all courses.

With the advancements in technology and digitalization, coding has emerged as a solid professional endeavor that shall open a door of opportunities for your kid in the near future. Coding not only boosts the imagination of your child but also makes them sharper and more attentive. All courses purveyed by Code Camp are comprehensive and incredibly fun. Through the progression of the course, students get a chance to partake in fun activities, projects, and live trivia sessions that not only increase engagement but also empower your kids to design, code, and execute the programming language into the building of computer software. Once the course is completed, the students have learned enough to continue coding on their own at home. Get your little one enrolled in the fun courses of Code Camp today. Apply Code Camp’s Promo Code in the payment section to enjoy whopping discounts on all types of programs available at the site.

Career opportunities with Coding.

Have you wondered how a complex application or software is built with a set of syllables, numbers, and words? How can an entire operating system be empowered through effective programming? Behold all the answers related to coding at Code Camp. This integrated learning platform purveys a diverse range of programs that stir this curiosity in your kids and help them master the art of coding.

Since digitalization has taken a victorious stride at transforming the global economy into an online ecosystem, coding has become a popular endeavor that must be pursued as an extra-curricular activity. Code Camp offers kids of 5 to 15 years an opportunity to learn everything extending from fundamentals of coding to the execution of coding in the development of software. You can check out the official website of Code Camp to know more about the various in-person, online, and after-school programs for your children. Apply Code Camp’s Coupon Code in the payment section of the enrollment process to enjoy whopping offers on your choice, of course.

Acquiring the acumen of coding makes for an impressive resume for your child’s future since digitalization has unfurled more and more opportunities in the respective field. Some of the in-demand career prospects that coding connoisseurs can consider are a Software application developer, Web developer, Business Intelligence analyst, Computer systems engineer, Database administrator, Computer system analyst, and Video Game developer. If your child is gifted with exceptional artistic skills, graphic designing is also an ideal career option for which the knowledge of coding is an additional perk.

According to your child’s schedule, you can choose from a range of various programs that include special summer school courses, online courses, and in-person programs. All the programs shall incorporate the learning of fundamentals of coding in the initial stage and then delving into the complex concepts through the progression of the course. The daily trivia sessions shall track the progress of the student in the Code Camp Dashboard while fun activities and projects shall constantly stimulate student engagement and a fun learning experience. Once you’ve chosen your preferred program, you can apply Code Camp’s Promo Code in the payment section and avail of striking deals on your enrollment. Explore the exciting world of coding at Code Camp today :)


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Can I get Code Camp student discount?

Code Camp has general discount coupons but no specific student discount codes.

Where can I find Code Camp coupon codes in Sydney?

Go to HotOzCoupons and search for Code Camp coupons. Customers all over Australia, including Sydney can get the best Code Camp coupons here.

Are there any Code Camp free delivery coupon codes?

No free delivery codes are available at this moment for Code Camp.

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