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The Ultimate Guide for An Ideal Living Room Arrangement

The living room is the room in the house for everyday general use. When the guests visit your home, they first go to that room for socializing and relaxing. The way it is organized gives the first impression about you and your choices. It sometimes becomes a bit tedious to choose the perfect furniture, the colour of the carpet, and other accessories that match your personality and at the same time look aesthetic and charming. Some people consider the living room as an office for meetings, while others treat it as a personalized get-together club. Are you worried about how to arrange your living room that matches your vibe? Don't get confused; we will guide you through some useful tips that will make your living room attractive and stunning.

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  • The Colour of the walls
  • The Colour on the walls is a significant factor that affects the whole environment of your living room. Try to go for a colour that is neutral and not so bright. You do not want your guests to give grim expressions by looking at those bright and bold colours. If you choose a lighter shade for your living room, you will increase your range of choosing furniture. This is because any furniture will complement the light shaded walls rather than the dark and bright colours.

  • Measure the dimensions of your living room
  • Before you bring any furniture or accessories to your living room, do measure the dimensions. It will help you to buy appropriate furniture without any wastage of space. You can hand draw the room in a paper by keeping the same ratio and then make a proper plan out of it. There are many computer applications available which can also help you plan and draw according to your choice. This process may seem a bit tedious at first, but once you are ready with all your measurements, it will make your work easier further in choosing the ideal accessories and furniture for your living room. Many online stores provide customized size furniture for your convenience. Don't forget to apply voucher codes when you buy them to unlock amazing offers.

  • The Electronics arrangements
  • When you buy a house, all the PowerPoint or plug points are pre-defined. So even before buying the furniture or accessories, you need to note down the plug points where you can place your television, lamp, or any other gadgets. You do not want your speaker to be miles away from your TV, right? You can alter your furniture positions anytime, but it is tough and stressful to change the electric power points. Once you are done with this step, you can quickly know where you should keep the sofa, table, and chairs. Buy electronics at a lower price by applying discount codes.

  • The Furniture
  • Now, this is the most fun and fantastic task while designing any rooms. There a few furniture which is mandatory in a living room such as the sofa, chairs, centre table. There are many furniture that are multifunctional or with storage. You can convert a couch and use it as a bed when required. There are ottomans that can act as a coffee table and also as a sitting. You can also use multiple sitting stools to serve your purpose when you want a meal or a sitting space. The one with storage is useful to store your things if you have a small apartment.

    • 1. Chair and Sofa:
      As we discussed earlier, you already know which sofa measurement will suit your room after calculating the room dimensions. Sofa and chairs are some of the essential items. A living room is incomplete without a comfortable sofa or couch. Always remember to place the sofa at a distance from the television. You don’t want your guests to feel irritated by the television screen in front of them. The couch should be in the middle so that the person sitting at the corner can get a proper view of the television. Chairs are optional, but you should always be ready if you throw a mini-party, and the guests cannot fit them on the sofa. Do not buy a backless sofa. It may look more elegant, but we are pretty sure that your friends will enjoy and relax more with a back on your Friday party.

    • 2. Coffee Table:
      Again, one of the essential pieces in your living room. Your coffee table should always be a little lower than your sitting place so that you can comfortably place your cup on it. You can also even make a DIY coffee table with thick tires and a round wooden piece. Keep a safe distance between the table and the sofa so that people can comfortably sit and chat without any clumsiness. You can buy an antique coffee table online at a low price by using various deals and offers.

    • 3. Side tables:
      These tables will provide a perfect space for your speaker or Alexa. People sitting at the two end corners of the sofa should feel comfortable putting the glass by their side without getting all up and going towards the centre table. Side tables make your area look less clumsy and a perfect space for your small delicate objects. Ensure the height of the table matches with the sofa so that your guests can comfortably use them.

  • Flooring
  • Whether it's winter or summer, carpets go in every season. People often make a mistake of buying small rugs. Buy an appropriately sized rug so that wherever you sit, there will be rug beneath your feet. It should be in the centre of your coffee table and extended slightly from the sofa and chair. Always try to set the carpet and tug it beneath the front legs of your couch. By doing this, your rug will be intact and non-movable. Many people prefer soft frilled rug rather than a standard carpet. There is a wide variety of mats available online at a fantastic discount by applying castlery voucher codes.

  • Accessories
  • All the things till now discuss where the necessities are, but this one depends on the vibe that you want to offer to your guests and friends. It gives a perception of how you are and what your personality is. Whether you want an unconventional setup or a simple, subtle theme setup, but if you are still confused about how to choose. We are here to offer you some fantastic ideas for accessories.

  • The type of setting
  • 1. The Bohemian Setup

    Boho style living rooms look more approachable than any other style. It gives a cosy and comfy vibe with a fresh atmosphere. Nowadays, people are more opting for this type of home décor than any other. The Boho style is not about minimal, perfect, or sterile, but rather aiming for a relaxed, warm, eclectic, and colourful vibe. You did not have to think much about this one. You can mix and match any patterns and designs that will make your place look incredibly stunning. Add wooden furniture, baskets, colourful Turkish or Persian rugs, Macramé hangings, and a lot of different textures. There is no such word meaning more in this setting. Try to keep the Colour of the furniture mostly grey or clean white. Always prefer a low-level seating arrangement. It can be bean bags, soft ottomans, leather poufs, and floor pillows. Boho is all about eliminating the colour black. This style is an enemy of black. Avoid large sections of furniture, having the colour black.

    Plants are your best friends if you go to this setting. It gives a natural and fresh vibe. Hanging plants are a great option to fill your space. Plants like cactus or with big leaves are highly on-trend. Rugs and tapestry hangings are the original accessories. Some of the famous patterns include Mexican, Persian, Turkish, Moroccan, Indian, and others. Try applying different promo codes for a fantastic discount.

    2. The colour Scheme style

    Some people prefer a particular colour scheme for their living rooms.

    • The two-tone Colour:
      If you do not want to invest a lot of energy in planning your décor settings, this scheme is ideal. You just need to find two colours that complement each other perfectly and buy the accessories according to that. The different coloured accessories will enhance the look overall and will look clean and straightforward. If you want a soothing and peaceful arrangement, go for some neutral sea green with some off white. But if you're going to go bold and bright, choose accessories that have popping and sharp colours.

    • When the neutral unites with accents:
      This setting takes inspiration from the popular talk shows that how a pop of Colour can bring the whole setup into life between the light shades. Here, the base colour is off-white, taupe, light grey, or beige. But the accessories have a bright and fresh appearance. It can be a chair, sofa, lamp, pillows, or anything.

    • Monochrome:
      In this setting, you have only one Colour as a choice but have all the shades of that particular Colour in your control. If your wall is Prussian blue, the sofa can be indigo or navy blue.

    3. The Bucket full of colours setting

    You do not need any interior design characteristics to follow this arrangement. You can play with any colour because you have all the colours in your control. Mix and match anything. Add plants and your favourite paintings for that extra pop. If you do not have your pictures, you can order them online. These paintings are readily available at a lower price by using castlery discount codes. You do not need to think of the Colour of the furniture because everything will go perfectly with the setup.

    The type of accessories

    • Lamps:
      Your living room is incomplete without a lamp. You can never have enough of it. Lamps give an aesthetic look when you light them up. You can make your DIY lamps with fairy lights and long neck bottles or simply order them online at a low price by using castlery discount codes. Have a perfect Friday night with your friends, and enjoy your drink with the lamp on by your side and relaxation from your big bright office lights.

    • Bowls:
      Place bowls in the middle of your coffee table or the side table. Add some colourful stones, chocolates, or merely some fake flavoured petals in it to give a welcoming and standard vibe. Wide-open bowls are ideal for home décor.

    • Scented candles:
      These candles smell not only enjoyable but also look fantastic when lit up. If you want to relax and enjoy with your close ones in your living room, light them up and have dinner. It will eliminate all your tiredness and stress by the beautiful smell.

    • Wind Chimes:
      Some people may consider it old fashion, but it adds a lively environment if you have them in your living room. Some people considerate as good luck. Hearing to the chimes can give you and your guests a feeling of calmness and peacefulness.

    • Sofa Pillows:
      You will not let your friends sit in an uncomfortable area and make them undesirable to chill in your house. Add multiple bright and different coloured pillows to give a trendy look to your living room. There should be no shortage of pillows. Never go for a single colour one. Experiment with different patterns, embroideries, designs pillows to give your room a lively as well as comforting look.

    • Dream Catchers:
      Who told you that dream catchers are only for bedrooms? They can be in any corner of your living room. You can add multiple sized dream catchers at the back of your sofa. They look very comforting and aesthetic. Do not go for a single colour; instead, collect various colours for a fresh look.

    • Clock:
      We think everyone knows the importance of this accessory in the living room. Go for something dramatic which is nowadays in the trend. Always buy an appropriately sized clock for this space. Leave your guests awestruck when they look at the time.

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    Shoppers Guide

    The New Arrivals At Castlery

    Castlery brings you a wide range of furniture. From the professional spaces to your home, you will get the best choices. They have amenities of all sorts. You will surely find something that suits your desire. In addition to it, they also make customized orders on previous notice. You will get exciting offers and various codes to make your shopping pocket friendly too.

    Today, we will enlighten you about the exclusive products at Castlery that will enhance the look of your space. Let us have a look at some deals that are difficult to refuse.

    New Arrivals

    The new arrivals at Castlery are one of the most sought-after and trendy designs. The furniture ranges from side tables to bed, covering dining tables and every other possible item. You get the most authentic material delivered at your doorsteps and hence, can maintain your savings too. The new arrivals at Castlery are always one step ahead than the other furniture. They make products based on customer’s reviews, feedback, and their requirements.

    You can tell them about your expectations in advance and then leave everything to them. Castlery enjoys a global community of passionate designers to make the best out of our desires. It is an all-purpose one-stop store for all your house needs. All that your house requires, lightings, cushions, mirrors, wall arts, furniture, they have all of them covered.

    You will enjoy various privileges like free shipping and up-to 10 years warranty. There is a very minimal chance that you will want to return any product. Yet, for providing ease to the customers, they have a very easy to follow and flexible return policy.

    After you choose the desired furniture, select the required size. You will get information about the shipping details and estimated delivery dates. The whole process of shopping with them is a very easy and hassle-free procedure.

    We would recommend you to check their latest arrivals. You will find all kinds of fascinating amenities. Also, enjoy the Castlery discount codes for the best shopping experience. We hope you have a great shopping experience.

    Castlery: A Guide To Buy The Best-Suited Furniture For Your Living Room

    Castlery believes in customer support. They try to bring you the best and the most exclusive furniture in the most enhancing styles. But there might be chances that you find it difficult to zero on a particular item. In cases like that, they come to your rescue.

    Let us look at this guide and help ourselves find the best deals for the living room.

    Castlery has a wide variety of furniture. You can find different styles and geometries, all in one place. So, while selecting the items for the living area, you should keep some things in mind.

    1. Choose according to the space you have.

    Castlery has products in a lot of sizes. If you like a particular product, you might find it in various sizes and exciting offers. Select the one which looks good in your living area and also does not take extra spaces. Over-crowded living space will make you feel very congested and filled up. They provide their customers with shipping facilities too.

    2. Choose the colour wisely.

    Colour plays a vital role in giving a mesmerizing look to the living room. There are high chances that you find unique furniture in various colours. Pick the shade that compliments with the colour of the wall. If you keep the furniture well coordinated, your living space will have an enchanting look.

    3. Select the material according to the need.

    At Castlery, you will find modular amenities at a very reasonable cost. The enormous range comes at an affordable pay and hence is suitable for your savings too. The furniture that they provide is available in several materials. They have both wooden and glass options. You have the flexibility to choose from it based on your situation. If you have kids at home, it would be suitable to go for wooden furniture.

    Check out its website to find a vast range of home décor items. From stylish lamps to the modular sofa, you will find everything. You can use the Castlery coupon code to get things at the best possible rates.

    Essential Tips For Buying Furniture And Accessories For Home Office From Castlery

    Castlery comes with a wide variety of choices for any space. Not only exclusive furniture but also all the essential accessories are available on this platform. Let us have a look at the excellent collection of office equipment that it provides and grab the best deal.

    While furnishing the office space, we should take care of some critical points. We should try our best to get the best possible option at reasonable offers. Let us look at some important aspects before choosing the amenities for our home-office.

    1. Allot a space to your office.

    Before you decide to create a home office, create a space for the same. Assess the space and then choose your furniture accordingly. Leave some empty area. Don’t overcrowd it with lots of furniture. Castlery provides a variety of sizes to select the one that suits you the best.

    2. Know the duration of your office hours.

    If you have to spend minimal time in the office, then you can prioritize style over comfort. But, on the contrary, your primary goal should be ease. You have both the options at Castlery, which helps you to do a lot of savings. They mention the material and size of the product on their website. You can make a choice accordingly.

    3. Are more than one people going to use the office?

    If this is the case, then you should choose similar-looking tables and chairs to give the space a professional look. Select the bookshelf and other amenities like desks, dustbins, wall clock, etc. according to the requirement. You can find all the essentials at Castlery. There won’t be any problem regarding the delivery of the product. They provide shipping services too.

    Working from home can be a distraction for many. It is because some people feel weird to work in the comfort of their home. However, with a wide variety of furniture and accessories, you can easily convert your space into your office. Also, use the Castlery discount code to get additional benefits in your purchase. Be ready to get one of the most elegant office spaces ready.

    Castlery: Is It Safe To Order Home Accessories From Castlery?

    With a wide variety of exclusive furniture, Castlery provides you with an enormous choice to pick your favourite. With all the smart options and several enchanting styles, it is quite challenging to say no to the deal. In addition to this, you get all the essential home décor items like mirrors, designer lamps, wall arts, etc. It is a one-stop store for every purpose. You can get large furniture like beds, dining tables, and accessories like cushions, and fabric–care, all at great offers.

    However, the safety regarding the purchase might concern you. Let us know better if it is safe to order home accessories from Castlery.

    The delivery process in Castlery is safe in all ways. Be it your monetary angle or COVID-19 situation, Castlery promises hassle-free experience to its customers. They provide flexible ways for you to make a lot of savings in terms of both money and time. Let us have a look at the procedure to get a better understanding.

    Delivery from Castlery

    After receiving the confirmation of your order, you will get a tentative date for receiving it. They do the shipping of home accessories through the parcel delivery process. For furniture like beds, dining tables, and sofa sets, they provide installation services too. However, you should check the dimensions of the ordered furniture with respect to your doors and lifts. The delivery people sanitize themselves regularly and check their temperatures regularly too. Yet, if you want contactless delivery during the time of the coronavirus pandemic, kindly apply for the same. The delivery guys will leave the un-assembled furniture at your doorsteps. You can assemble them yourself as per your choice.

    What if you receive a damaged product?

    After receiving the product, you can inspect the item thoroughly before the delivery team leaves. If there is any defect or damage report it to the team and they will resolve your issue.

    At Castlery, you will have an excellent experience. You can enjoy the ‘buy now, pay later’ option and ten years warranty too. Use the Castlery promo code to enjoy exciting discounts.

    Castlery: Sales and Refund Policy

    Castlery is one of the premium choices when it comes to furniture. It has all that you need. From amenities for your home to the office, it has everything covered. The cost of the furniture is genuine, and it won’t finish up your savings. In addition to its wide variety of exclusive furniture, it also provides a flexible sales and refund process.

    They provide their customers with the best possible deals at a very reasonable cost. However, the amount displayed on the sites can change as per requirement.

    There are some limitations to the returning and refund procedure. Let us understand more about the policies.

    The return procedure

    You can return the product within 14 days of receiving it. However, before initializing the process, please take care of the following facts.

    1. The product should be damage-free and have original packaging. Take a photograph of the product before returning it.

    2. If there is any damage due to misuse or lack of care, they might not be able to replace it.

    3. Items like showpieces, customized products are ineligible for return. All the mattresses except the snug mattress are not eligible for the return process. The items bought at offers or clearance might also be incompetent for the procedure.

    The refund procedure

    The refunds take nearly a week to initiate. In case you are returning an item, you will receive full payment except for the shipping charges. They take the delivery charges of both the first deliveries and the return process into consideration.

    They try their best to return the money in the same way you make the payment while buying. If it is not possible due to some reasons, they will deposit the funds in a valid bank account. However, the customer must know that they will refund the money only in an Australian Bank account. Also, the name of the account holder should match the information of the person who made the payment.

    Castlery tries its best to meet the expectations of its customers. You have options to pick from several designs and materials. You can apply Castlery promo codes to get a suitable discount on your order.


    Castlery Frequently Asked Questions

    Are there any active promotional codes for Castlery?

    Yes, Castlery is offering exclusive offers for new members who sign up and 30% off as a part of the clearance sale for Boxing Day.

    How do I use Castlery coupon code?

    If you have a discount coupon code for Castlery, apply it in the box while paying for your order. The final bill will show the discounted amount when you apply the code.

    Which are the trending offers at Castlery?

    Castlery is offering up to 30% off as a part of the Boxing Day sale. Fill up your cart at the earliest.

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