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Boost Mobile

Spend Only $160 On Purchase $200 Sim Card from Boost Mobile

  • May 18, 2021
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Boost Mobile

Buy 12 Month Sim Pack and Get $40 Discount from Boost Mobile

  • May 18, 2021
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Boost Mobile

$100 Off iPhone X Refurbished Phone at Boost Mobile

  • May 18, 2021
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Boost Mobile


Earlier, it was a dream for people to browse the internet and talking on mobile without getting worried about the money. But with the coming of modernisation and advancement in science and technology, the situation has been changed. Now, people browse the internet without bothering about the data as well as money. Looking at the increasing demand amongst people, several mobile companies and providers came up with several brilliant plans which can quench the thirst of your internet browsing and talking without any baggage. Boost Mobile is one of those providers who will provide you with one of the cheapest plans on data and call time.

Boost Mobile is one of the best mobile and network providers in Australia with some amazing plans and prices. Unlike other providers, their process of working is very simple so that people don’t have to face any dramas and complications regarding mobiles. Boost Mobile is aware of the stress that people suffer while finding a suitable network provider. Are you wondering about the best part of it? The best part is you will get a massive quantity of data, and you don’t have to sign any contract regarding it.

Boost Mobile Promo codes at HotOz

  • Shop:
    If you are worried about your data, your provider and your phone, you can switch to Boost Mobile at any point of time without any hesitation. They have the cheapest phones and cheapest plans which you can choose from their online shop. You will get mobile sim cards there at very competitive rates, and you will also get some amazing mobile phones there, which are very cheap as well. They use lines and networks of Telstra, the mother telecom of Australia. Once you get your sim and your mobile from Boost Mobile, you will get the data up to 63 GB and unlimited calls and texts including the international ones.
  • Plans:

    When it comes to the plans, Boost Mobile is one of the best service providers. They have the cheapest plans so that you don’t have to worry about your pocket. Thus, let us discuss the plans, which Boost Mobile provides.

    • $10 Plan- It is the cheapest plan provided by Boost Mobile. Here you will 1.5 GB of data and unlimited calls and texts. This plan will expire within 7 days.

    • $20 Plan- Here you will get 3 GB data and unlimited calls and texts for 28 days.

    • $30 Plan- This plan will provide you with 35 GB data, unlimited texts and calls including the international calls and this will also last for 28 days. Here, you will get data rollover as well.

    • $40 Plan- It is their most popular plan where you will get the data of 45 GB with unlimited texts and calls. The data rollover is also there.

    • $50 Plan- In this plan, you will get 55 GB of data for 28 days and unlimited national and international calls.

  • Retailers:

    They have a substantial connection all over Australia. Whenever you feel that there is an issue going on with your mobile or your network, you can head towards those retailers without any hesitation. They will fix up your problem. Now, you can find Boost Mobile in your nearby Telstra stores. So, here is the list of some places, where you will find their retailers.

    • Australia Post Alexandria (10 Ralph street, NSW, 2015, AUS)

    • Australia Post Alexandria (1 Mitchell Rd, NSW, 2015, AUS)

    • Australia Post Annadale (115 Booth St, NSW, 2038, Aus)

  • Coverage:
    Boost Mobile covers a vast area. Some specific areas fall under the network of 3G data, some fall under 4G data, and the rest falls under 3G external data. The speed and performance of your network will depend on the area where you are residing. You will get the voice calling anywhere you stay.

Top Deals

Boost Mobile is already offering cheap prices on data, mobile and sims. But when it comes to some amazing deals, no other provider can provide you with astonishing deals like these. Here are some of the deals, which Boost Mobile has to offer.

  • Line family promo with unlimited data- Pay $100 and get 1GB hotspot data for your family along with unlimited music streaming unlimited calls and texts.

  • Get unlimited talk, text and data for 3- All you have to do is to switch to Boost Mobile from any other carrier, and you will get unlimited data, talk and text for 3 people.

Apart from all these, there are several other deals and offers, which Boost Mobile is providing.

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How Do I Use Boost Mobile Discount Codes

  • The mobile phone is no longer just a machine to talk with. It has become a vital belonging to any person. Smartphones can be a bit pricey, but you do not need to worry about it if you can get some discounts on them. To obtain some great offers, you must.
  • Check all the codes available and choose the best option for you.
  • Copy the code and proceed to the Boost website.
  • Browse through the different categories of mobile phones and choose the one which you like the most.
  • Add it to your cart. You can add additional products as well.
  • Once you are done shopping, you must check out to look into your order summary.
  • On this page, you will find a place where you can paste your code.
  • As you paste the code, the final price will decrease.
  • You will never get such a great mobile at such a low price!
  • Boost Mobile Promo codes at HotOZCoupons


Shoppers Guide

Things To Know About Boost Mobile Australia

Boost Mobile is a company that provides wireless communication, mainly in Australia and the USA. It uses the wireless network provided by Telstra. In contrast, in the United States, it is run by Boost Worldwide, Inc, a subsidiary of T-Mobile USA.

Peter Adderton founded Boost Mobile in the year 2000 in Australia. He partnered with Craig Cooper and Kirt McMaster to make a mark in America's growing market. After that, Boost Mobile merged with a company called Nextel Communications. Currently, Boost has network connectivity in over 40 countries.

Past Products

The Motorola i1 smartphone was launched by Boost Mobile, its first push-to-talk Android phone in 2010. In the year 2011, they put the Samsung Galaxy Prevail in the market, its first CDMA. Further, Lumia 635, which was their first smartphone that uses Microsoft's Windows Phone OS and put out their first Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot device in the market in July 2015.


Boost offers exclusive prepaid deals at a lower price compared to other network providers. To know more about their prepaid plans, go to By getting yourself a Boost sim-card, you would be able to reduce your expenditure and increase your savings.

Shipping And Delivery

Boost phones and sim-cards are shipped by their partner Telstra. You can expect to receive your delivery within 10 days for Metro areas, 12-15 days for Non-Metro areas, and up to 17 days for remote areas.


Along with cheaper deals, Boost provides sales for both new and old customers regularly to have a better experience at more affordable rates. All you must do is input the Boost Mobile Australia promo code at the checkout.


Boost is one of the best service providers globally. You won't regret it if you invest in Boost sim cards or phones. So don't wait any longer and head over to their website and experience a fast wireless communication like never before.

Boost Mobile Australia: Prepaid Plans

Since August 2000, Boost Mobile has been concentrating on connecting the youth of Australia. The Plans of Boost Mobile provides you with super fast high amounts of data and agreement to lock you in.

Boost mobile primarily focuses on prepaid plans. They have received MONEY AWARD for providing the Best Value Mobile Plan (Under $20). Also, they are the winner of the FINDER AWARD for giving the Best Prepaid SIM (Long Life) and the FINDER AWARD for the best SIM (Under $40).

Boost offers exclusive prepaid deals at a lower price compared to other network providers. You can get yourself the prepaid deal that is suitable for you and invest in it to increase your savings.

Along with providing the fastest 4G network in Australia at the lowest rates, Boost also conducts sales on its website so that customers can be a part of the Boost network at lower prices. You must apply the Boost Mobile Australia coupon code at the time of checkout after choosing the prepaid deal you want for yourself.

By getting yourself a prepaid plan at Boost, you have the benefits like unlimited calls and texts to standard numbers, unlimited international calls, and texts (duration and number of texts vary from plan to plan), and you can stream Apple Music for free.

If you have unconsumed data from previous recharges, your data will get rollover on your next recharge.

Boost prepaid plans help you experience the fastest form of 4G network, whether you are in a remote place or at a secret surfing location.


Go to to get yourself the prepaid plan you want. If you are a new user, get hold of a Boost phone or sim-card (they ship it to you within 12 days on average) to increase your savings and experience better and faster connectivity.

Why Choose Boost Mobile Australia

Boost Mobile Australia is the largest mobile network in Australia. It started in the year 2000, and now it is available in over 30 countries. Here is some information regarding Boost Mobile Australia that would make it easier for you to opt for them:

1.Plans And Services

Boost offers exclusive prepaid deals at a lower price compared to other network providers. To know more about their prepaid plans, visit their website. By getting yourself a Boost sim-card, you would be able to reduce your expenditure and increase your savings. With Boost, you would be able to experience the faster form of 4G-connection. Whether you are in a remote location or a secret surfing location, you will be privy to a non-stop fast connection. You can even change your prepaid plans by a few clicks.

If you haven't used all of your data within the recharge period, there is no need to worry. You can rollover any unused data from your previous recharges into your new ones.


Along with cheaper deals, Boost provides sales for both new and old customers regularly for the customers to have a better experience at more affordable rates. All you have to do is input the Boost Mobile Australia coupon code at the checkout.

3.Shipping And Delivery

Boost phones and sim-cards are shipped by their partner Telstra. You can expect to receive your delivery within 10 days for Metro areas, 12-15 days for Non-Metro areas, and up to 17 days for remote areas.


BYON, i.e., Bring Your Own Number. Suppose you have a sim-card that you have been using for a long time, but now you are dissatisfied with the present network provider. Instead of getting a new number, what you can do is convert your existing sim card to a Boost sim card without any hassle.

5.Customer Service

Boost is always looking for feedback from its users. They implement your feedback in their work process to improve your experience. You can contact them via email, or phone or live chat on their website. They try to resolve any user issues within 15 working days.

Boost Mobile Australia: How Safe Is It?

Boost Mobile is the largest network provider in Australia. It is currently providing network services in more than 30 countries. Any person when he/she is looking for a SIM or a phone wants to know how safe it is. So let me provide you with some information that would help you feel safe while investing in Boost Mobile.

When it comes to customer satisfaction Boost, Mobile considers it a top priority. So, for this reason, whatever information the Boost Mobile website asks from you remains encrypted. Boost Mobile does not directly share information with any 3rd party.

Although when you use their service, you will get to see ads pop-up on websites and applications. The reason behind this is Boost's Mobile Advertising Program. Through this program, they provide you the perfect opportunity to have Boost and their partners provide you with ads based exclusively on your requirements.

But keep in mind Boost Mobile doesn't share your information unless you take part in that program.Besides, they do not reveal any information that can identify you personally. Information like name or phone number is completely kept secured and encrypted.

Instead, they use an anonymous identifier that is linked with your mobile device and Mobile Usage Information, high-level location information, and Consumer Information. By accessing this data, advertisers can deliver better search results for you more easily.

If you select not to take part in their Advertising Program, it will not make use, or allow its partners in advertising to access the data.

Taking part in programs like these, you would be able to get more Boost Mobile Australia promo codes.

Boost Mobile offers you the most exclusive deals that would help you increase your savings. Also, it keeps safe any information that you share while accessing Boost Mobile websites or applications. So, buy products from Boost Mobile to experience their top-notch services.

Boost Mobile Australia: Returns And Exchanges

Since Boost Mobile started in 2000, they have been concentrating on keeping the youth of Australia in touch. With Boost, you'll be privy to large amounts of high-speed data, and you would not need to sign any bonds with the company to access their communications service. Over the years, they have been providing top-notch services that have led them to become the most extensive network provider in Australia.

Suppose you buy a product from Boost Mobile, and it gets shipped to you as soon as possible, but you are not satisfied with the product. What should you do? Whether you should return it or exchange it? You would want to know what their policies are. So here is some information that you will find useful regarding this issue.

Return Policy

Any product brought from their site can be restored within 7 days from the day of purchase. This is subject to the policies, terms and conditions, as mentioned in the Return Policy. T&C can change.

If you have used the Boost Mobile Australia discount code while purchasing, you will receive the reduced amount that you paid as a refund.

Return Requirements

Devices must be sent back in the same condition as it was delivered (e.g., no cracks, scratches, liquid damage, or other damage). If the item has to be returned, it must contain all the accessories that it contained at the time when it was delivered.

If the return requirements are not met, the process of refund will not be initiated, and you may receive the same product back.

For orders placed online, you would need to ship the product to the required address as mentioned on the website.

Exchange Policy

Products bought from Boost Mobile's website will not be exchanged. If an exchange is of utmost requirement, then products should first be sent back for a refund to be initiated, as per this Policy. Thereafter, new accessories can be bought from the website.


Hopefully, the above information has cleared all your doubts regarding the return and exchange policy of Boost Mobile. It is one of the best service providers that gives you access to exclusive deals on various products.


Boost Mobile Frequently Asked Questions

I have Boost Mobile coupon code, how can I use it online?

Copy the coupon code that you have got and apply it in the relevant box when you finalize your cart and select the option to pay for your order. You can see the discounted amount reflecting in the final bill.

Where can I get Boost Mobile free shipping codes?

Boost Mobile offers free shipping on all orders purchased from the official website. You do not need extra free shipping codes for it.

How do I get additional discounts on Boost Mobile?

Additional discount coupons on Boost Mobile products can be found at HotOzCoupons which has a list of all the trending coupons and promo offers available to redeem.

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