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How To Use Your First DSLR: The Ultimate Guide

Photography is undoubtedly a passion, and with the growing times, you gain confidence about handling the lens even more efficiently. Also, there is a lot to study behind the science of using the light and the shot angles. Not just this, photography is not as simple as it seems to be! No doubt, there's a lot of studies to make sure that you get to know the right tips and tricks.

Obviously, it requires a lot of patience, and you ought to go through a hell lot of practice sessions to become a 'Pro' in this field. If you have just begun and are aspiring to be a professional photographer, start learning more about the equipment and go on clicking more and more snaps every single day and during different times of the day.

If you consider yourself to be just an amateur who is still not aware of making the full use of your camera, this content would probably prove to be helpful for you! Well, choosing the right camera is unquestionably one of the biggest decisions that would likely decide your efficiency in handling it. Use the Voucher codes to see the available options in the market. It is usually ideal to start with a basic lens, and as you gather confidence over the years, you can gradually move on to using the high-end lenses. Taking the precise control of your DSLR is the very first skill set that you need to master. Once you gain your expertise on it, you need to study about the settings of the equipment in detail. Read the manual well to know more about the same!

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  • Know more about the shooting modes
  • Before you dig into using the camera, you ought to be sure of the shooting modes of the equipment. Look at the dial, and you will find several labels mentioned right on it, such as 'Auto, Tv, P, M, and Av' along with a lot of other options. This shooting mode is determined to ensure the behavior of your camera as you press its shutter. It also decides the aperture, exposure, and shutter speed.

    You should try clicking pictures in different modes, and things would become clear before you! All these modes decide the depth of your image and the point of focus of your click. You would not be able to get them into your day all of a sudden. You should be open to giving yourself enough time to master the same. Of course, it is all about your creativity that will make you different from the other photographers.

  • Understand the ISO
  • Deciding the sensitivity of your camera to light is determined by ISO. This is represented numerically from ISO 100, which happens to be the least sensitivity to that of ISO 600 that is considered to be the maximum sensitivity based on the model you own. One may even go beyond this limit.

    The ISO parameter is used to control the light required by the sensor to achieve a particular exposure. This could be better illustrated with the help of an example. While shooting on a bright sunny day, there is a lot of available light outside. Depending on the intensity of the sunlight, you would not require a high sensitivity to achieve the appropriate exposure. Thus, you can set the ISO to be anywhere between that of 100 and 200, as that would be apt to fetch you the images of the highest quality.

    On the other hand, if you are shooting during the evening or on a cloudy day with low light conditions, you need to set the camera at a high ISO, which may go as high as that of ISO 3200 to increase the sensitivity of the sensor. Photographers generally use it to click images in the indoor setting. It is said that an ISO of 500-800 is enough to shoot images on a cloudy setting to obtain the high-resolution pictures.

  • Experiment more with the light
  • Photography is a subject of creativity. Certainly, you would need to learn about the settings of the camera and the physics behind the working of the lens. However, there's a lot beyond that! The more you experiment, the greater is your scope to influence your innovative skills that would ultimately justify your skills of handling the lenses. It is essential to note the shutter speed, ISO, and aperture of the camera to control the amount of light entering the lens. Since these three parameters are some way or the other linked to one another, you need to understand the relationship between the three correctly to boost your knowledge about the exposure triangle.

    Since the three are linked to one another, changing a setting will automatically influence the setting of another. Hence, you need to alter them and see for yourself how things work in different modes. Of course, the model of the camera you use influences the clarity of your captures, consider the Discount codes to make sure that you are not breaking the bank for your next purchase.

  • Meter the tones
  • You will fetch a wide range of deals and offers for different models available in the market. However, if you are just a newbie, you need to focus on purchasing the most basic models and start learning. Once you gather your confidence and know about the tricks of adjusting the light, lens, and object, you can move on to the high-end models.

    Metering the tone of your image is one of the most crucial factors in deciding the quality and depth of your image. You need to have a clear idea about tackling the areas of shadow and darkness, as well as determine the exposure of your shot. It depends on the scene and the setting too! In general, you have three different metering modes.

    The first one is the 'average metering mode,' wherein the camera tends to assess the tone from one corner of the image to the other corner. In such a setting, the camera exposes the scene up to 18%. In the second scenario, if you are setting it in the 'center-weighted metering mode,' you will see that the camera ignores the extreme corners of your image, and the camera will expose around 80% of the entire scene. In the 'spot metering mode,' the camera uses a tiny area of the scene, wherein the viewfinder will only take up to 5% by assessing the dark or light tones throughout that area. If you are just starting, it is ideal for putting your camera either on average or on center-weighted metering mode to make sure that you are consistent enough when it comes to exposure.

  • Learn to focus
  • Based on the subject of your image, you ought to have the right focus of the picture. Irrespective of your understanding of the exposure, ISO, and aperture, a little deviation from the focus will not yield you the image that you have been craving for so far! Well, the DSLR cameras usually come with a plethora of autofocus modes. You can avail Promo codes to decide the camera models you have been aspiring for!

    To start with, you get an AF-S and an AF-C. To demonstrate this further, in case you are going to capture stationary objects such as buildings, or landscapes, or just the portraits of people, you may set the lens on AF-S. All you need is to half-press the shutter and keep on holding it till you get the desired focus you can release the button once you have acquired the shot.

    On the other hand, if you are shooting images of objects in action or motion, such as that of wildlife creatures and players engaged in sports, you can set the lens on AF-C or Autofocus-Continuous. As you half-press the shutter, you get a focus, and as the subject keeps on moving, the focus will consequently get adjusted accordingly till the desired shot is obtained. You can recompose and refocus to set things right.

  • Study about white balance
  • If you are capturing the image in the JPEG file format, you need to make sure that your white balance is set right. This white balance will determine the colour tone of your picture. To distinguish this better, you might have noticed that in several cases, you obtain a bluish tone of the image, while in other cases; your image appears to be in an orange shade. Well, it depends on the white balance of your image. It also depends on your source of light at the time of capture.

    For instance, pictures shot during the sunrise or sunset tend to yield a warm tone and thus, give a reddish or orangish tone to the capture based on the wavelength. On the other hand, if you are clicking a picture in the presence of a fluorescent strip, you tend to get a cooler image containing a lot of blue wavelengths. Therefore, you need to change the presets of your camera to capture the scene even more precisely based on the surrounding.

    Getting the right model of DSLR is indeed an essential factor to decide whether your images contain all the minute details. Deciding on your first purchase is challenging, yet with the full range of discounts available with us, you can fetch a wise decision at a competitive price.

    A little more on the basic tips!

    Now that you have already learned a lot about the technicalities, it is time to give you a few pieces of advice that are simple enough yet are often ignored. Well, before diving into the topic, here's to remind you about the BecexTech Voucher codes that will help you find the best deals for your future purchase.

  • Learn to hold the camera right
  • Yeah, holding the camera right is one of the most significant factors that would decide the frame of your image. If you aren't holding the device properly, it may cause the camera to produce blurry images. In the initial days of your photography sessions, you may consider setting your gadget on a tripod stand. Make sure that you are holding the camera with both of your hands. To start with, you can grip the right end of your camera with your right end and use the left hand to support the weight of your camera, thereby positioning it right beneath the lens.

  • Shoot in RAW
  • This format will make sure that your images are recorded using the camera's sensor and would not compress the shots. Getting your images in RAW is actually helpful during the time of editing as it yields you high-quality images. As a result, you tend to get more control later on while adjusting the white balance, contrast, and temperature of your image.

  • Narrow aperture works better for landscape or nature photography.
  • Well, there is no hard-and-fast rule behind it. However, a narrow aperture will help you fetch a larger f/ number, thereby making sure that all the subjects of your composition are in focus. Based on the permit of your lens, you need to adjust the shutter speed. However, you ought to set your camera on a narrower aperture, which may go somewhere around f/22 or maybe beyond that, in order to get the best quality and higher clarity of your snap. You can check out BecexTech promo codes to avail of the latest deals and offers to enhance your photography experiences.

  • Wide aperture works better for portrait photography.
  • Although there is no mandate behind this, photographers usually say that a wider aperture enhances the look and feel of portrait photography, snaps of people or animals. This is because portraits focus generally on the subject matter of the image, thereby assuring you to obtain a sharper subject and blurring the background distortions. The right camera with the appropriate kind of accessories will influence the quality of your captures, and the BecexTech Discount codes are here to help you get more affordable deals.

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    How Do I Use BecexTech Discount Codes

    • Check all the Becextech voucher codes that are available on this website. You will also find the conditions where you can apply these codes. Read them carefully and check which one will apply to the products you wish to purchase from the Becextech website.
    • Copy the code that you have chosen and move on to the Becextech website.
    • Search for the product that you intend to buy. Once you find it, add it to your bag.
    • Create an account on the Becextech website with all relevant information. Then checkout from the order page to learn about the order summary.
    • On this page, you will find the box where you can redeem your voucher code. Paste the voucher code in this box and get the discount.
    • If you are happy with the discount on your total price, proceed with the order. Once your order is placed, wait eagerly for the product to be delivered to you.
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    Shoppers Guide

    Important things to know about Becextech

    BecexTech-AU is an etailer specializing in electronic goods. It is centralized in Australia but has offices and logistic centers located in various regions. This is what helps them to follow their tag-line, “where we offer you more than just low prices.”

    BecexTech has been providing Australians with cheaper deals allowing their local community to increase their savings.

    About Products

    It has a wide range of exclusive products from top brands and the latest technologies in communication, photography, lifestyle, etc. like Mobile Phones, DSLR Cameras, Accessories of Photography, Tablets, iPads, etc. These products are available for sale in BecexTech from companies like Apple, Asus, Canon HTC, Sony, and many others.

    Deals and Offers

    BecexTech provides offers and sales regularly in different products. Just apply the BecexTech promo code at checkout to experience shopping at lower prices.

    Fulfilling Customer requirements

    The interface of their website is user-friendly, that allows their customers to shop at any time securely. BecexTech provides consistent, top-notch services to fulfil the expectations of the customers without compromising the quality of their products. They are one of the fastest when it comes to shipping products.

    Safety and Security of the Customers

    BecexTech does not collect any browsing information of the customers. It only asks for information at the time you want to order any product. Any information that is collected by BecexTech is strictly kept confidential. They will not use the information for any other purpose other than to complete a customer order. BecexTech asks for a minimum amount of data from the users that is based solely on offering an amazing user experience.

    Payment and Return policies

    You can use online payment platforms to buy the product you want. Their payment facilities are easy and secure, and they provide no surcharge for VISA, Mastercard, and PayPal payments. They offer a comprehensive 12 months warranty. If you find a product that is not meeting up to your expectations, you can return it within 7 days. They try to return your money within 14 days from the day you have returned the product.


    So, what are you waiting for? Head over to to experience a redefined shopping experience that would satisfy your needs 100%.

    Why Should You Use Becextech?

    If you are looking for an online site from where you can buy your gadgets, you are in the right place. Becextech has a lot of impressive products in its collection. You have to choose any one of them according to your preference.

    Apart from that, you can buy your products at the most reasonable price. Here, you will find a lot of offers and deals. If you can opt for those offers and deals, it will be easier for you to do a considerable amount of savings. So, these are some of the reasons for which you should opt for this site.

    • Collection of the products
    • The primary thing that will amaze you is the collection of the products. Well, it has a huge collection, and from that collection, you can choose the one according to your preference. Besides, here you will get a lot of exclusive products.

    • Brands
    • Well, you will find a lot of brands on this site. So, if you have an affinity towards a certain brand, you can consider this site to be the best option. To be precise, you will get your preferable brand on this site. So, you will not get disappointed once you visit this site.

    • Shipping charges
    • Another reason for which you can consider this site to be a convenient option is its shipping charges. It has quite a reasonable shipping charge, which will help you to save some money. To be specific, you don't have to scratch your head after looking at the shipping charges. Compared to other sites, the shipping charges of Becextech is quite low.

    • Becextech promo code
    • We have already discussed that this online store will help you to save money. Well, one of the best ways to save money is by using the Becextech promo code. It will bring the products in front of you at reasonable prices. Therefore, don't hesitate before buying products from this site.

      So, these are the reasons for which you should buy products from this site. We assure you that opting for this site will make you satisfied.

    Becextech Student Discount

    Nowadays most of us cannot live without using a variety of gadgets in our daily life. Most of us have smartphones, which we use for various purposes on a regular basis. Apart from that we also use laptops, computers, tablets and a number of other electronic gadgets. People can find a large number of stores, both online and offline, that sells these products. But to get the best deals and products, one should visit Becextech. Becextech is an online store that sells a wide range of electronic products to the customers at a reasonable price. If you want to do some savings, then make sure to use the Becextech discount code when purchasing from the website.

    Customers can find some of the most renowned companies on this website that sells their product at an exclusive price. The site also has various shipping policies available for the customers to redeem. Becextech has partnered with some of the best shipping companies such as FedEx and DHL to deliver your items safely within the estimated time.

    The customers can pay using VISA, MasterCard, PayPal, American Express and Zip. Having this many payment options makes it easier for the customers to pay for the products they bought from the website. Also, if the customers can present valid documents, then they can get a student discount of 1% on your total order. Apart from buying a new product, customers also get the option to purchase used electronic products, which works perfectly at a much lower rate. Most customers choose this website to buy their electronic gadgets and parts because they provide extended warranty options. The extended warranty comes in the different subsection, making it easier for the customers to get their products fixed and exchanged in case of any problem.

    Becextech offers three different types of delivery, such as priority delivery, standard delivery, and free insurance delivery. The delivery time varies for each type of package, and the company delivers in all of Australia. So, people can opt for this company without any second thought to get the best electronic gadgets of their choice at a reasonable low price.

    Becextech: Delivery And Return

    Becextech is one of the online sites that have a considerable collection. You will find a lot of products on this site. Besides, this online shopping store will bring you a significant amount of savings. Well, they have numerous impressive deals and offers in their bucket. Moreover, their shipping charge is also up to the mark.

    Also, they have various exclusive products in their bucket. Well, to get the products at the best price, all you have to do is to use the Becextech promo code. Now, we will discuss the delivery and return policy of this site.

    Shipping policy

    Well, you will receive your order on the doorstep of yours. You will either get it via courier or USPS. It depends on your location. As soon as the order is approved Becextech will process your order. Here are some shipping facts that you should know.

    • Your order will leave the warehouse within 1-3 business days of your approval.
    • It will take approximately 2-5 business days once the water is out of the warehouse.

    Return policy

    You will get a Becextech offer of seven days of early life failure. Well, in that case, you have to inform Becextech as soon as you witness that your product has stopped working. Well, they will replace any DOA (Dead On Arrival) product immediately after you confirm them. So, when you are returning the products, you have to make sure that they are in the intact condition. Also, they will accept the return if it happens due to any human error. The best part is, they will not take any extra charges for it.


    Becextech always suggests you opt for insurance for your orders. It will offer you protection from the accidents that can take place during delivery. However, it is optional. It will be your decision if you wish to insure your order. One thing you have to keep in mind is that Becextech will not take any liability for misplacement of your order if there is no insurance.

    Is Becextech safe?

    As you know, Becextech is an Australian based etailer company that specializes in selling electronic goods. “Where we offer you more than just low prices.” According to their tagline, they offer you deals for exclusive products from top brands at the lowest possible costs to help their local community increase their savings. Becextech provides offers daily that allow customers to save more money. Just apply Becextech discount codes at check out to experience shopping at the lowest possible prices.

    You might have a question that is Becextech safe for shopping? So, let me answer your concerns-

    Customer Information

    BecexTech does not save any browsing information of the customers. They ask for 3 kinds of information when you want to order any product: Personally Identifiable Information such as name address, Non-Personally Identifiable Information like IP address, browser type, etc. and Financial Information, the banking option that you use at check-out.

    Encryption and Firewall

    Any information that is collected by BecexTech is strictly kept confidential. With the data they collect they don’t track your activities. They will not use the information for any other purpose other than to complete a customer order. A limited number of employees have exclusive access to the required information of the users that is secured by the use of a firewall.

    When you purchase a product from BecexTech, your details (financial, personal, etc.) are processed by the most advanced SSL that is used for encryption. BecexTech asks for a minimum amount of data from the users solely to provide a better user experience. The technology department of BecexTech conducts regular security checks of the sites. BecexTech takes the help of another audit company to carry out further audits for the safekeeping of the sites.

    E-mail Details

    BecexTech will only use the E-mail address of the customers to contact them regarding the cost, tracking, and shipping details, or about changes that are by the customer after placing the order. They will never sell or disclose any of your details to a 3rd party.


    You can shop at BecexTech without any worries. Your information will remain safe and secure. So, log on to BecexTech to get yourself the latest products at the lowest prices.


    BecexTech Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I redeem BecexTech voucher?

    To redeem your BecexTech coupon voucher, you have to visit the site of HotOzCoupons. Find the details of every deal and copy the related code. You have to paste this code while placing order at BecexTech.

    How much can I save at BecexTech?

    BecexTech helps you in saving more than 50% when you have used their coupon codes. Thus, do not delay in getting their coupon codes from the best site, HotOzCoupons.

    Which all cities does BecexTech deliver?

    BecexTech delivers its products all over Australia. From any city in Australia, you can place your order. BecexTech offers a very fast delivery service, and you can find the chosen product at your doorstep.

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