What Is The Return And Exchange Policy Of Aveda?

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Even though Aveda tries & also maintains their product quality, but there are times when customers want to return the products. But how can someone return or exchange products? What is the exchange policy? Not all people go for return or exchanges of Aveda products. But if you find the need to return & exchange, here are some simple tips that you must follow which will help you to return & exchange your products without any hassles. And the next time you buy Aveda products, you can use the Aveda discount code to avail all new discounts.

Exchange Policy Of Aveda

  • In case you want to exchange the Aveda product you are using & want to order a new product only to find out that the price of the new Aveda product is much costlier than the product you want to return. Then don’t panic, as we provide you with a very easy solution. All you need to do is provide us with your bank details on the backside of the invoice & voila your problem is solved.

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  • If you want to return any Aveda products, then all you have to do is that take out the pre-printed sticker that came with the real invoice of product that you now want to return. Easy peasy isn’t it, the policy of return.
  • Want to return the gift that you got free with the Aveda product you last brought? Then well it’s quite simple all you have to do is that mark the box of ‘return gift’ option present in your bill.
  • If you ever receive any damaged products or the product suffered any damage during the shipment process, then don’t worry as we are only a call away from you. Call the toll-free number & we’ll reach to you.

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