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Artist Guitars

Receive Up to 50% Off @ Artist Guitars

  • April 22, 2020
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Artist Guitars

Get Guitar Cables & Leads As Low As $11

  • April 22, 2020
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Artist Guitars

Get Sale Items From Just $10

  • April 22, 2020
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Artist Guitars: Your One-Stop Musical Instruments And Accessories Solution


Artist Guitars is one of the most convenient music instrument and accessories retailers in Australia. As they describe themselves, Artist Guitars are on a mission to bring affordable guitars to every individual who wants to play the instrument. Therefore, they chose to cut-off the middleman from the business by taking the company online. Artist guitars offer their customers the lowest price-range possible. A retailer is buying his or her products from a wholesaler. The wholesaler is buying their product from the brand. The brand is taking its products from a factory. However, you can get these essential musical instruments and accessories directly from the factory. Thus, you get this lowest possible price range while doing business with the Artist guitars.

Artist guitars, when they started their business in 2009, they chose the business model via online market that helps them to connect with their customers directly. You will not find any Artist Guitars in any other store of the country because it does not sell their products to other retailers. The Artist Guitars guitar store has a very efficient quality control checking team that always keeps their attention stick to every piece of guitars that leaves the factory, and they make sure that the products meet the quality standards set by the company. Form 2009, the company has sold more than half a million top quality guitars to its customers, and their customers are pleased about their products.

Artist Guitars also give stunning deals and offers. You just need to use Artist Guitars coupon codes, Artist Guitars promo codes or Artist Guitars discount codes.

Artist Guitars Promo codes at HotOz

  • Artist LSPSTBB Beginner Acoustic Guitar Pack With Small Body:
    Starting for $149, the Artist LSPSTBB Beginner Acoustic Guitar Pack is something you want to buy if you are just starting to play the instruments. This guitar pack is available in three colors. This small body acoustic guitar comes with a small body acoustic guitar, A guitar bag, a pedal, two picks, and a few more accessories too. These small body guitars are perfect for women and children aged 12 or more years (depending on the height) as it will offer them the reach they need. This LSPS series guitar is perfect for beginners to learn.
  • Artist MD100+C Red Sunburst Mandolin with Hard Case:
    Constructed with Laminated basswood, the perfect traditional teardrop shape of this mandolin is the best thing of the product. Besides, although they made the body of laminated basswood, the fingerboard is Rosewood as well as the bridge. This one is a very affordable mandolin, and you don’t have to compromise to the tone.
  • Artist ADR522 5-Piece Drum kit + Cymbals and Stool:
    This 5-piece acoustic drum kit with stool is the complete buy-in $449. This drum kit comes with everything you need, including the sturdy double-braced hardware, a seat, cymbals, and a pair of drumsticks. This acoustic drumkit is the best for beginners aged ten or more. The Artist guitar developed this kit using nine ply shell with a PVC wrap.
  • JOYO Jam Buddy Dual Channel 2X 4W Pedal Guitar Amp:
    The Dual Channel 2X 4W Pedal Guitar Amp is a very convenient jam buddy for $139. This fantastic guitar accessory is perfect for practicing in-home and warming up before a show. We all know how hard it can be to play the guitar through 2-inch speakers with a range of music playback. Some products have already dealt with the problem with gears that can be controlled by hand on a tabletop. However, a guitar player needs their hands free to play the instrument. So, we needed something that can be controlled with our feet. Therefore, this can be the best buy for a guitar player.
  • Apply Artist Guitars coupon codes, Artist Guitars promo codes or Artist Guitars discount codes if you want to save while purchasing online.

Now we know about the products available in the website, we are moving forward to the top deals offered by the company:

  • Guitars starting from $59:
    Here, you can get the latest deal from the Artist Guitars. Explore the widest range of music. Explore the music inside you, feel it, play it. You can grab this coupon code and get a guitar for a very affordable price.

  • Violins @41.99:
    Artist Guitar is an amazing guitar selling company that offers violins too, along with some other musical instruments. The violins are starting from $41.99. Get this offer and grab your favorite instrument in an incredibly low price range.

  • Accessories - $4:
    Ask any popular guitar artist, try if you can find a more convenient price range than Artist Guitars. They are offering a variety range of accessories starting from $4.

  • These were some of the best deals you can try. Make sure you get your favorite musical instrument or accessories for a very low-price range. You can also apply Artist Guitars coupon codes, Artist Guitars promo codes or Artist Guitars discount codes to get hold of more offers.

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How Do I Use Artist Guitars Discount Codes

  • Owning a guitar is a matter of pride. People buy them to show their guitar skills. However, a guitar can be quite expensive, depending on its type. You can get a huge reduction in this amount if you go through the following steps.
  • Check the list of promo codes available. Look through all the terms and conditions associated with the codes.
  • Click on any one code to display the code that you will copy.
  • Go to the Artist Guitars website and browse through the collections.
  • Choose your guitar, keeping the terms and conditions of the code in mind. Ensure that you choose one of those products on which the code is redeemable.
  • Add your products to the cart and check out to get the order summary. On this page, you will get the option to paste the promo code.
  • Get amazed to see the prize getting reduced by manifold. Quickly place the order!
  • Artist Guitars Promo codes at HotOZCoupons


Shoppers Guide

Artist Guitars: A Perfect Destination To Buy Guitars

Artist Guitars is a global brand known for their various models of guitars, amps, violins, drums and all kinds of music equipment in all over Australia. The company provides exceptional quality of the product. Artist Guitars is also a proud member of NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants). They have 30 years of manufacturing experience. Artist Guitars, the most trusted online music store in Australia, make each of their instruments with skilled and experienced hands.

You can use Artist Guitars promo code to buy a guitar with a huge discount. They also provide free shipping all over Australia, and the most exciting thing about Artist Guitars is their same-day shipping policy if you want.

Tips and tricks of buying a guitar

Let’s find out some tips before you buy a guitar-

1. The first thing is to consider what type of guitar you want, acoustic or electric. Here is a little tip, if you are buying a guitar for the first time, you should always go for acoustic.

2. Before buying a guitar, you should always research it. If you are buying from Artist Guitars, you can also get advice from experienced customer executives and also don’t slip out on saving money with the perfect choice of guitar.

3. Besides, you must always look for comfort. Every model of guitar is different from others. Guitars have unique structures; some guitar’s necks can be too thick for your hand. Thus, try to consider the weight, if it’s lightweight, then it must be made of bad quality wood. So always go for a guitar which is of good quality and comfortable to play.

4. Lastly, don’t forget to take care of your guitar. When you are buying a new guitar, you should also buy its protective gear such as a case. And the other things you have to buy are picks, a tuner and a set of extra strings.

At Artist Guitars, you can get exclusive models of guitar. They also provide a wide range of offers and deals after buying your guitar. Thus, it is helpful to buy picks or strings.

Why Choose Artist Guitars To Buy Guitars Online?

Artist Guitars is a top-selling online music store based out in Australia. It is an ideal site for guitar lovers.

Want to grab the best quality guitar at a very reasonable price? Then Artist Guitars is the perfect place for you. It’s amazing, and unique features make it one of the best online music stores.

Let’s have a look at what they offer to their customers.

Best quality products at an affordable price

If you are looking for a high quality reasonable priced product, then Artist Guitars is the ideal place. They provide the best brand products at a low price and don’t compromise over quality. Moreover, they buy their guitars directly from the producers.

Offers and deals

Artist Guitars provide exclusive offers, deals and discounts. Despite having low prices still, they provide their customers with discounts and promo code coupons. Also, you can use Artist Guitars discount code to get good deals. They have a Zip Pay policy through which a customer can shop now and pay later. It is interest-free.

Want to gift someone and don’t know their choice? Don’t worry! Artist Guitars’ gift voucher facility will help you out. You can buy one, and it will be sent to the respective person on the chosen date and time of delivery. Not only this, but Artist Guitars also provide a 3-year warranty where they repair or replace any manufacturing fault for up to three years.

Free return for 100 days

Not happy with the product? Also, you can return it within 100 days. Returns are free of cost.


If you are worried regarding the safe delivery of your product, then be relaxed as Artist Guitars’ shipping service is commendable. They provide free super fast shipping irrespective of rate anywhere in Australia.

On their site, there is a shipping calculator where one can track their order, and it also provides estimated delivery time just by entering a postcode. One can also update their delivery details according to their convenience.

Other facilities

They have an exclusive collection of all types of guitars and related accessories. Furthermore, their site contains buying guides, guitar teachers, different detailed guitar specifications and other useful information.

Go, check and grab your favourite guitar from Artist Guitars.

Best Things To Buy At Artist Guitars

Artist Guitars is one of the most popular websites from where you can buy any type of musical instrument with the best offers and deals. Be it guitars, microphones, drums and other musical accessories, you name it, and Artist Guitars will provide you with a variety of options.

  • Guitars – One of the front liners of music is the guitars that you use. Be it giving rhythm to the music or playing the lead part, guitars help you to create your music just the way you want. Also, there are a number of offers and deals that Artist Guitars provide when you buy a guitar.
  • Drums – You cannot make good music without using drums. Drums provide the base of any music pattern and help to get your music in proper shape. The beats of the music that you love to groove to- that is mainly due to the drums. Also, there are exclusive discount codes for drums that you can use to get better savings.
  • Microphone and Recording Instruments – The main part for any music creation is the use of microphones and proper recording. The website provides you with the best of these devices to make smooth and proper music. You can use the Artist Guitars discount code to get a huge discount on your preferred product.
  • Musical accessories – The Artist Guitars website provides great deals on musical accessories. Guitar picks, guitar capo, pedal and guitar strings are the few accessories that are quite popular on the website. And without these, the instruments are way too useless. Also, they do not compromise with the quality, and you can be rest assured you can use them for a long time.

The artist guitars website is mainly a huge instrument house. Free exclusive shipping all over Australia, free return for 100 days and a 3-year warranty on all products obviously makes it the best website for buying musical instruments.

Is it safe to shop at Artist Guitars?

While buying your first guitar, you must be very excited and looking forward to it. Artist Guitars allows you to have a safe shopping of guitar, blended with a reasonable price rate. This is the oldest instrument manufacturing organisation in Australia, that dates back to around 40 years. This article is going to tell you about the advantages that shopping from Artist Guitar offers.

1. The best warranty service.

The instruments that are manufactured at Artist Guitars dish out the best warranty period. As it stands, as a customer, you must be worried about a few essential factors while buying a product, viz- durability, cost, service provision, etc. And there is always a chance of a defect cropping up in any product. This organisation offers a whopping three years of the warranty period.

2. The best shipping service.

In the entire Australia, you won't find a single organisation with a better shipping service than Artist Guitars. They confer free shipping across all households situated in any city of Australia. It is never too late to order a guitar from here. Also, if in the rarest possible occasions, there arises some problem in the shipping procedure, need not worry. It is not chargeable.

3. The exchange offer service

The most exclusive service about Artist Guitars is that you can change your product within 100 days of the delivery, provided there is a problem with its functioning. You have two choices- either opt for a full refund of the product or opt for another product within the same price range. You can make savings if you choose a product with a bit lesser price. The best offers and deals are present under the tab- Artist Guitars discount code in the website

4. Attractive external factors.

Along with the advantages mentioned above, Artist Guitars also comes up with a speedy delivery service. The packaging is done with utmost care, along with a few other accessories that are fit inside the package. This blends with the fastest possible delivery of the product to your doorstep in any part of Australia. So don’t waste your time, and go for buying the best guitars out there.

Artist Guitars: Delivery And Returns

Artist Guitars solely believe in satisfying their customers. They ensure that they provide you with exclusive finest quality products and services. With their fantastic delivery service comes their rapid shipping of orders for which all you need to know are:

Same-Day delivery on ordering before 9 am AEST (Sydney time) is available at a very low extra cost for customers residing in the Sydney Metro area.

All orders are shipped on the day of order if placed before 12:00 pm AEST.

Same-Day shipping and delivery take place only during weekdays (leaving out public holidays).

Their shipping service is a chain consisting of eParcel, Australia Post and Couriers Please.

Few things to keep in mind for the orders placed and their delivery are mentioned below:

1. The delivery process can take longer than usual for people residing in remote locations.

2. People living in the Sydney Metro area should choose Couriers Please for same-day delivery.

3. Large items like drum sets can only be sent through courier services, unlike regular posts. Hence, customers are requested to order from a street address for such products.

4. In case your delivery details are incorrect or you are outside, you can contact the courier partners or edit the details as per requirement.

5. Free shipping of larger items is currently unavailable for customers ordering from the external territories of Norfolk, Christmas, and Lord Howe Island.

Artist Guitars never fail to please its customers but, in case of a return, they have an easy return policy with the criteria mentioned below:

1. You can apply within 100 days of receiving it.

2. The return policy is free for people residing in Australia and New Zealand.

3. They take the required actions within 48 hours of receiving an item return notification.

4. They refund the whole purchase price along with the shipping charges, if any.

Customers are requested to read the following conditions related to their return service:

1. Your item must be packed in the same way you received it.

2. Only 5 Money Back Guarantee returns are possible in each calendar year, exceeding which would lead to a fee of 20% of the actual price of purchase.

For further queries related to the delivery and return of items, contact their customer service team on 1300 489 816.


Artist Guitars Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get Artist Guitars free shipping codes?

Free shipping coupons for Artist Guitars can be redeemed from hotozcoupons. They have a large variety of coupons that customers can look into. Other websites also provide free shipping codes for Artist Guitars in Australia.

How do I get additional discounts on Artist Guitars?

Although the price of the instrument by Artist Guitars is affordable everyone likes to get an additional discount. Customers who are looking for great deals and coupon codes can visit hotozcoupons. They have a large range of coupons available to be redeemed.

Which payment methods are accepted at Artist Guitars?

Customers can buy and pay through various modes on Artist Guitars. People can pay with the help of AfterPay, visa, American Express, MasterCard, ZipPay, PayPal and Direct Deposits. So the customer can choose from different options to pay.

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