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1Cover Travel Insurance

10% Off- Travel Insurance

  • August 10, 2018
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1Cover Travel Insurance

Grab $20 Gift Card- Refer A Friend

  • August 10, 2018
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1Cover Travel Insurance

Free Bali Guide @ 1Cover

  • August 10, 2018
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1Cover Travel Insurance


Are you a traveller? Or do you travel very often because of work or holidays, maybe? Whatever be the reason, you surely know the importance of insurance policy cover. When we speak of travel insurance cover, we mean everything from medical cover, luggage and belonging cover, flight cancellation cover, and everything else. Individual cover for all these would cost a fortune, right? Well, not anymore. 1Cover Travel Insurance promo codes have your back.

1Cover Travel Insurance is an insurance company that provides you with every kind of insurance when you’re travelling. No matter where you go and with whom you go, 1Cover Travel Insurance will get you covered. So now, in a city where every human is a stranger, you have someone to look after you in all situations. 1Cover Travel Insurance promo codes are all that you need to save a handful.

1Cover Travel Insurance Promo codes at HotOz Coupons

  • Unlimited Overseas Medical Assistance:
    There are times when you don’t experience smooth traveling. Such are the times when you thank 1Cover Travel Insurance the most. If you fall sick or get injured overseas, 1Cover will arrange immediate medical assistance for you. You’ll be treated by medical experts and specialists, all under insurance.
  • Luggage & Belongings:
    Now, don’t worry if your luggage gets lost, accidentally broken, or stolen. You can still enjoy your trip with 1Cover Travel Insurance. All your luggage will be covered under this travel insurance. Even if you’re carrying any expensive item, that would also be insured, but with an extra cost (act smart by using 1Cover Travel Insurance promo codes).
  • Cancellation Cover:
    We hope you have a sound journey, but what if your return travel plan gets cancelled because of medical reasons like injury or illness or other valid reasons like a riot, strike, civil protest, hijack, natural disaster or weather conditions? Don’t freak out, 1Cover is your partner all way.
  • Credit Card Fraud:
    Credit card is essential when you’re travelling, and it is also true to the fact that credit card frauds are a regular occurrence. So, 1Cover Travel Insurance can get you covered in cases where your banks might not. In such cases, you’re covered for credit card replacement costs and also the monetary loss amounts due to the fraudulent case.
  • Car Rental Excess:
    When you’re traveling within Australia or Italy, if your rental car is stolen, damaged, or is involved in an accident, it can cost you a fortune. But with 1Cover Travel Insurance policy, you’re already covered for rental car excess, irrespective of your fault in the damage. Also, if you’re unable to return the car yourself due to medical reasons, you can claim for $500.
  • Flight Cancellation:
    Flight cancellation is exceptionally boring and equally frustrating. For such disruption of your journey, you have the 1Cover Travel Insurance with you. All the reasonable costs of meals and accommodation will be on the policy if the disorder frustrates you for 6 hours or more.

Now that you have known the benefits, you must be willing to use the 1Cover Travel Insurance coupon code and get the travel insurance immediately. Check out the range for which offer insurance service is available:

  1. Annual Insurance: For a regular traveller, annual insurance covers unlimited trips for a year. So now, save your time and money and get hassle-free insurance at once for a year.
  2. Ski Cover: For all those snow lovers out there, this is the premium winter sports cover.
  3. Student Cover: students are also covered under the policy. So now, you can travel the world the way you never thought was possible.
  4. Seniors Cover: 1Cover Travel Insurance loves to take care of senior citizens, even those with pre-existing medical conditions.
  5. Group Travel: This is a policy if you’re traveling in a group, be it friends, family, students, or a corporate group.

Top Deals

Out of the numerous profitable deals at 1Cover Travel Insurance, here we present some of the best ones that you can avail using 1Cover Travel Insurance coupon codes:

  • 10% off on Annual Travel Insurance.
  • Up to $50 off on your next annual insurance.
  • $26 offer.
  • 10% off storewide.

Can you still afford to miss out on 1Cover Travel Coupon codes? Nah! 1Cover Travel Insurance is basically a one-step investment where you get all your unforeseen problems covered. You need not deal with them individually. But all these would cost you a loss if you miss out on 1Cover Travel Insurance coupon codes. These 1Cover Travel Insurance promo codes will reduce the amount a lot, and you’ll be left with a minuscule figure. Safe Journey, Happy Journey!

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1Cover Travel Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any active deals for 1Cover Travel Insurance?

Yes, there are a couple of active deals of 1Cover Travel Insurance that you will get on Hotozcoupons. One of the active deals that you will get is 50% off on your annual travel insurance.

How do I redeem 1Cover Travel Insurance coupons?

Well, it is a pretty straightforward method to redeem the coupon code. All you have to do is to click on the option of ‘click to redeem,’ and that’s all. You need to visit Hotozcoupons in order to get discounts at 1Cover Travel Insurance.

How much can I save at 1Cover Travel Insurance?

There is a possibility that you will be able to save up to 50% of your money from 1Cover Travel insurance. Besides, you can also use the 1Cover Travel insurance coupon codes.

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