How to use coupons to promote your business



Marketing is a great game of gamble. Some campaigns work for all, while others are particularly helpful for some and devastating for the rest. At the end of it all, it is still probably a matter of execution and perspective. And, of course, understanding your clients and their psychology. Unless you ace these methodologies, there is no way a campaign can become a booming success for your business.  Any good ad maker lets you do this without any hassles whatsoever. Pop over this page to know more.

However, all being said, there is one thing that seldom goes wrong- discounts. Irrespective of the industry in question, coupons work wonders, especially because your customers get the opportunity to save money. Therefore, marketers often resort to coupons for a fast turnaround. 

Using Coupons to Promote Your Business

Coupons are the go-to for most marketing companies and agencies when they are trying to help their clients get quick results. This is true not only for stores or offline businesses but also for the ones based online and offering services rather than products. 

Here are a few ways you can unleash the power of coupons! 

  • Redeeming coupons is a hype: You know when you see a coupon, you flock to the place, even if you have to travel some distance, just to redeem it physically? That is the common psychology. Your clients feel this way, too. It hardly matters what industry you are working in or where your company is based. If you are giving out a coupon, it is bound to create a hype among your client base. Do not be discouraged if you own a business centered around providing services and is based online. If your customers realize they can order two things at the cost of one, they will do exactly that, thereby increasing your sales. 
  • A good coupon will attract your competitor’s customer base: This is a classic result. A well-designed coupon can break the shopping cycle of a customer who shops at your competitors. Consequently, if you can provide better services or products than your competitors promise, you can turn around the game in your favor. 
  • Coupons lure back your old customers: Coupons do a great job at luring back the customers you lost to your competitors. If you specifically let them know and design coupons for them, particularly, they are bound to be back. This will happen more since they already know about your brand. Therefore, if you offer lucrative discounts that are a proven success with your clients, you have a big chance of getting your old customers back. 
  • Customers with coupons don’t remain restricted to the coupon item only: When you give out coupons, you do that for only a selected number of products or services. However, your clients often tend to indulge in impulsive shopping even if they initially had the idea of shopping only for the discounted services or products. Instead, they end up ordering other things that look lucrative to them. Since the coupon gives them a discount, they still have some money left from their budget to spend on extra items. 
  • Coupons are great at increasing traffic: Coupons work wonders for driving traffic to your company. The news of a coupon spreads far and wide like wildfire, and the best part is, the marketing campaign drives itself. If the coupon is lucrative enough, or rather, is presented that way, the word will spread from one person to another simply by means of discussion or a topic to gossip about. Nonetheless, you remain at the profitable end of the transaction. 

How to Design Your Coupons

The previous points highlight how your coupons help you generate more business for your company. However, designing your coupons is where you must play your cards well. You must remember, coupons are not just fliers. In fact, they can very well be videos. Use an online video editor to design an attractive coupon for your customers. Click here to investigate the best video editor.

While you design your coupons, keep these things in mind. 

  • Use bright colors to catch attention: Bright colors are great at grabbing attention. Always use them on your coupons to make the most of their designs. 
  • Use bold fonts and a clean format: Use a clean format and bold fonts to mention your coupon’s important details. A good format and bold fonts pull the attention of your target audience. 
  • Be clear about your offerings: Make sure there is no ambiguity regarding your offerings. Be as specific as you can get about your services and products. Mention clearly what you are providing and against what. This will make things easier for your clients and yourself. 
  • State the terms and conditions properly: Your terms and conditions should always be mentioned somewhere in your coupons, even if they are videos. The terms and conditions stated properly prepare your customers for all the restrictions, sparing them from any form of disappointment while they are shopping


Coupons are great at driving traffic if used well. Make sure you put them up where people can see and take note. Make it creative and stay true to your promise. It is important that you do not leave any room for complaints and disappointment for your clients. 

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