Essential Europe Travel Tips You Need to Know Before You Book Your Tickets




Europe is a diverse continent with picturesque places and rich history. Each country offers something special and it is for you to choose which one you want to visit. The culture and traditions of each country are captivating for tourists, especially Americans. 

Nonetheless, there are plenty of things that you must remember while travelling to this beautiful continent. There are tons of things you need to make a note to make your trip a memorable one. This includes understanding the visa requirements of the country you wish to visit, accommodation, budgeting, etc. However, we will talk more about the things you are more likely to overlook before your big tour. 

Things to Remember Before a Trip to Europe

Here is a list of all the things you must not forget to do if you plan a trip to Europe. 

  • Chalk out your budget: First and foremost, get your budget chalked out. This is probably the most important part of planning a trip to a different continent, especially Europe. Unlike most countries, the European currency is more expensive than the US dollar. Hence, you might want to include that in your calculations and budget accordingly. If you do not pay much attention to this, you might even end up spending too much on your trip. 
  • Read about the places you wish to visit: Start researching about the places you intend to visit at least a month before your trip, start preparing yourself for the places you want to visit. The best is to read about them and use social media to talk to those who have visited those places. You could also drop in a post asking the natives of the area to give you an insight. However, take note of the best time to post on Facebook or other social media sites to garner maximum attention and best opinions. Leverage Google and YouTube to learn even more and to watch the videos around the area. You will get an idea of the kind of things you can expect there. 
  • Book your flights well ahead of time: Flights are probably the least of all your concerns but trust us when we say they can either punch a hole in your pockets or leave them unscathed. There is just a good plan that separates causes all the difference. For a trip to Europe, make sure you get your tickets well ahead of time. Look for them at least four to five months before your departure date. Compare the prices of multiple airlines and use as many coupons as you can. The moment you get a good deal, grab it! The longer you wait to book your tickets, the more expensive they become. Besides, you will want to spend those extra dollars during your trip, instead of wasting unnecessarily on flights. 
  • Save money on hotels: Accommodation in Europe can either be cheap or expensive. There is no middle path there. Since you are the one who decides which of these you want to settle for, your money is in your control. Assuming you want the cheaper option, it is best to book your hotels before your trip. Get in touch with the place or the booking agency right after you have your flight tickets ready. Talk to multiple hotels and agencies to understand the pricing. Your research should be spot on! Use social media to the fullest to know more about these places and ask a lot of questions to ensure the hotel is right for you. 
  • Be prepared to take public transport in Europe: Public transport is quite cheap in Europe. Hence, it is the best option if you are planning to spend less. European public transport will also easily align with your travelling plans. It helps you explore Europe more extensively and on your terms. Booking a chauffeur-driven car to move around the countries can be an expensive affair. Getting an international license and driving to the places you want to see can also be a hassle since you will have to go through several documents. However, with public transport, you save money and find your way to all the great places around the area, while also discovering hidden beauties along the way. 

  • Chalk out your itinerary: Your research will go hand in hand with the creation of your itinerary. Jot down all the places and areas that you wish to explore. Take a map and mark the places. Chalk out the most optimized way to cover the maximum area within a short time. Your itinerary should consist of all the major places which will be your base camps during the trip. It will then enumerate all the other places that you can visit from thereon. It should outline the number of days you plan to stay at any place and how you will divide that time to explore the region. Make sure your itinerary is ready at least two weeks before your trip so that you don’t have to rush the process, and there is still time to make some minor changes here and there. 


Europe is a beautiful place to visit, and undoubtedly, it will be a great trip for you. Make sure to have lots of fun and take pictures and videos to capture your memories. Share the joy with your loved ones by editing the pictures and sending them across as postcards. Use video editing tips from the blog post here to make your videos all the more stunning and let your friends and family enjoy Europe’s glimpse through your eyes.

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