Adopting pet is almost like having a child. Some people love their pets more than child! This is indeed the reason that our love and care towards the pets make us invest in so many accessories that keep the pet happy. Although the pets might not understand about all of these accessories, these help in keeping them comfortable, stylish and even learning better things.
From time to time there are different pet accessories which go trending. The most usable and popular ones are a big help and always can keep you updated on the trendy things. Here are some of the best pet accessories in 2018 that you need to put your hands on!
1. Frisbee
Be it the beachside holiday, going to a park on a Sunday or just keeping your pets active – a Frisbee is much like a beautiful gift for your pets. It helps in playing with your pet, keeps them engaged and exercising and a great way to cheer them up too. The colourful Frisbees are exciting to play for both pets and parents.
2. LED Dog Collar
One thing that is trending in 2018 for the dog’s accessories is the LED dog collar. The traditional belted collars are out of fashion today while for the security of the dogs these collars have been introduced with relative technology. The LED Dog collars glow for almost a week after it has been charged and can stay lit all the time. Therefore, this adds as security to know where your dog is especially when you are travelling or are frequent with your night walks. The added advantage is that you shall always be able to know where your dog is going!
3. Cooling Vests
The coolest of items to own this year is the cooling vest that is specially designed for dogs and cats. These cooling vests have a special fibrous build which makes them soak in cold water and keep it for long. The result is that when you soak them up in water overnight and make your pets wear it during hot summer days – they won’t feel hot. The vest keeps them cool even when you are beating the highest of temperatures. Of course, the evaporation will cause the vests to dry up, but this one lasts almost a whole day. Great accessory to give your pet some relief from the scorching heat!
4. I-Spy
It’s the technology era, and one cannot go without giving some inclusion of it into the pet’s life. The I-spy accessories have made it easier for travelling pet parents or office goers to take care of their pets even when they aren’t there. The special camera, remote, gadgets and monitors help you spy on your dog while you are travelling or working. You can take your pet pictures, keep a check on their status in the house and ensure that they are all safe. The app is even functional enough to translate your words into understandable pet syllables so that your pets can respond to your command through the speakers and make you understand that they are indeed good!
5. GPS collars for pets
Thanks to this invention a lot of pet owners can now sleep in peace at nights. The pets tend to keep playing and sometimes go way far enough from the house that getting them back isn’t possible. The GPS collar has brought an easy way to keep a track on your pet when they go away from you. The GPS tracker present in the collar helps you know their exact location at any point of time. It even gives notifications when the pets cross the limit of permissible distance from you. It promotes in saving the pets from being lost.
6. Clever furniture
It’s not just about providing any rug to the pets for their sleeping. Pet sleep is essential for their mental health – so a right pet rug or pet furniture goes a long way. The market today is loaded with a lot of snuggly soft pet beds and cushions which help them lounge in comfort and give them an excellent feel. This year all of the pet comforters are going trendy with quirky designs. It’s time to pick one up and grant your pet a comfortable sleep! What’s even more exciting is that Hotozcoupons has a lot of deals for the same helping you get one in a super saving offer. It only gets pocket-friendly and best accessory for your pets now!
Pet accessories are all about comfort, fun and safety. From trackers to sleep comforters – 2018 has seen the best pet accessories as the ones which help improve the pet lifestyle and keep them in their pink of health. Pick some things that bring a quality life to your pet while letting you be happy for their happiness!

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