10 Wonderful Places To Visit in Australia



The world is a vast place and visiting some fantastic sites in different countries should be your ‘Things-to-do-once-in-a-lifetime.’ Australia has a mixed climate – the northern part being humid and tropical while the southern is comparatively cooler. That gives you enough choice to decide which part to visit during the respective season. Among many other beautiful places, I present you ten such sites to visit on your first travel to Australia.

The Great Barrier Reef

Another place that falls on the list of World Heritage Site is The Great Barrier Reef which is visible even from the outer space. The reef is an elephantine home to 1600 species of fish and 450 types of corals. It has an eye-pleasing marine life which is guarded by the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. The Agincourt Reef is on the outskirts of The Great Barrier Reef and has the highest diversity of marine life. The best time to visit this place is in September to December where you get to witness the Humpback Whale.

Sydney Opera House

Opera House

The first location to cross your mind when you think of Australia is “Sydney” and thereby the Opera House. The building is a massive dome with a shell-shaped roof with water surrounding the three sides. The Royal Botanic Gardens are located in the south of this enormous structure. The Opera House is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site with the best architectural design. From restaurants to theatres, the house offers many notable sites to visit. You can take a tour of the house while taste the Australian food in one of the restaurants, bring the joy of one of the concerts and visit the activity area. The day will fly soon as you explore the goodness of The Opera House.

 Kakadu National Park

Kakadu National Park is the most abundant national park in Australia towards the north. It covers more than 19,840 sq km of land and stands second largest in the world. People have been living in the thick forest for more than fifty thousand years, and you must experience their connection with Kakadu. As you go inside the lush park, you will see a lot of ancient rock paintings and marvelous carvings. Sail to the Yellow water; a land-locked stank is a must(of course with a guide!) Wet season shuts the doors to certain places due to flooding, and it is safest to visit during the dry season.


Flinders Ranges is a classical Australian outback landscape covering 430km of land with its discontinuous mountains. The highest point of the ranges is St.Mary Peak with a height of 1,189 metres. As the sun sets, you can observe the various colour changes of the sky. The Brachina Gorge is worth a visit for the history freaks. You’ll see a lot of Kangaroos, Emus and Rock-wallabies in Flinders Ranges. Take a ride of the hot air balloon and fly high. The sight is similar to the last scene of UP! (where Carl places the house at the cliff as Ellie desired.)

Great Ocean Road

Every girl dreams of walking by the beach on a quiet evening with their partner. Now, if you are a sincere partner, fulfill her wish by walking along the Great Ocean Road that stretches over 250km (long enough for her to ever you again haha!) on the south-eastern coast of Australia. The road gives you a pleasure of world’s best scenic drive while you can park aside and star gaze until you wish to leave. The alluring views here are the rock-formations of Port Campbell National Park shaped like waves.

Bondi Beach

The Beach covers a kilometer of the area with a variety of activities like swimming, surfing, sunbathing, etc. to offer. There are experienced trainers for people who aren’t well versed with surfing. The seafood here is enjoyable. The beach provides coastal walks although there’s a lot of crowd throughout the year.

Heide Museum of Modern Art

The Museum is a combination of historical art gallery and heritage sculpture park. The history buffs and artists must visit this place to fall more in love with the past events and explore the intricacies. The museum is built on farmland and has fifteen acres of garden.

Port Stephens

Port Stephens is a fantastic weekend spot with great beaches, watering holes and more than a handful thing to do. You can hire your boat and watch dolphins and whales, go scuba diving and embrace other water sports, hike up to Mount Tomaree, explore the beautiful beaches- Zenith beach (next to Mount Tomaree), Fingal Bay and other 24 beaches. Sit and watch the sunset and the colourful landscape. So much to do at a port!

The Daintree

The Daintree, Queensland is one the oldest living rainforest in Australia with dense forest meeting the Sea. There are plenty of waterholes beautiful and safe to swim. The Cassowary waterfalls are stunning, and people often take a tour there with experts and guides alongside. The best time to stop over is from November to April.

Barossa Valley

The Barossa Valley is a wine producing region 70 kilometres from Adelaide, South Australia. The old-world charm of the valley contains 150 wineries and cellar doors of which half are open to the visitors. You can take a trail or a vintage car and tour the vineyards. Wine tasting is free to all visitors; you can enjoy the old wines from the barrel. Play golf in the green yards and enjoy a spa day. The Barossa Valley has an Adelaide’s annual Cellar Door Wine Festival in February where you can taste a broad selection of wines. If you miss it, there’s another festival – Aussie Wine month in April!


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